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Shenzhen Yan Tian Port Holdings Co.,Ltd Profile

Marine Shipping Industry
Industrials Sector
Mr. Jian Qiang Peng CEO
XSHE Exchange
CN Country
899 Employees
- Last Dividend
23 Apr 2012 Last Split
7 Jul 1997 IPO Date


Shenzhen Yan Tian Port Holdings Co., Ltd. is a prominent entity operational in the realm of logistics and transportation within China, primarily focusing on the facilitation and enhancement of port-related services. Founded in 1997, the company has established a stronghold in the development and management of wharves, which encompasses a broad spectrum of activities including the loading and unloading, as well as the transportation of cargo. Its operations are not limited to the maritime front but extend towards the construction and management of supportive port transportation, storage, and industrial facilities, alongside residential service facilities vital for operational staff and related stakeholders. Furthermore, Shenzhen Yan Tian Port Holdings Co., Ltd. diversifies its service offering through container repair, trading, and the import and export of cargo and technology, positioning itself as a comprehensive service provider within the logistics and maritime sector. Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, the entity operates as a key subsidiary under Shenzhen Port Group Co., Ltd., indicating its influential standing within the national infrastructure development agenda.

Products and Services

  • Wharf Development and Operation - The core of its portfolio involves the creation and management of wharves, inclusive of the processes of loading and unloading alongside the transportation of the cargo. This ensures a seamless flow of goods through maritime channels, catering to the extensive logistics demand within China and beyond.
  • Supportive Transportation Services - Beyond the immediate port activities, the company invests in the construction and management of transportation infrastructures such as roads and bridges linked to the port. These endeavours facilitate the smooth transit of goods to and from the port, enhancing overall operational efficiency.
  • Storage and Industrial Facilities - Recognizing the importance of storage and processing, Shenzhen Yan Tian Port Holdings Co., Ltd. offers state-of-the-art storage solutions and industrial facilities near its ports. This supports the logistical chain by providing spaces for cargo consolidation, warehousing, and light manufacturing activities.
  • Living Service Facilities - In acknowledgment of the human element in port operations, the company also develops residential and service facilities for the employees and stakeholders involved in the port's day-to-day activities. This encompasses lodging, dining, and recreational facilities to ensure a healthy living environment.
  • Container Repair and Trading - To complement its maritime and logistics services, the company provides container repair and trading services, addressing the need for container maintenance, and enhancing the lifecycle of the shipping containers that play a crucial role in global trade.
  • Cargo and Technology Import/Export Services - Expanding its service spectrum, Shenzhen Yan Tian Port Holdings Co., Ltd. engages in the import and export of cargo and technology. This diversifies its offerings, enabling the facilitation of international trade and technological exchange.

Contact Information

Address: Harbor Building, Shenzhen, China
Phone: 86 755 2529 0180