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CITIC Offshore Helicopter Co.,Ltd. Profile

Integrated Freight & Logistics Industry
Industrials Sector
Mr. Zengjun Yan CEO
XSHE Exchange
CNE0000013Q1 ISIN
CN Country
1,070 Employees
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7 Feb 2006 Last Split
3 Jul 2000 IPO Date


CITIC Offshore Helicopter Co., Ltd., entrenched in the heart of China's aviation industry, is a pioneering entity primarily focused on the offshore oil sector. Since its inception in 1983, the company has grown to epitomize excellence and innovation in providing aerial support and services. Originally known as China National Offshore Helicopter Professional Company, it underwent a rebranding to better represent its broadened scope of operations and its affiliation with CITIC Group, a leading Chinese conglomerate. With its headquarters in Shenzhen, China, CITIC Offshore Helicopter Co., Ltd. boasts a formidable fleet of 86 helicopters. The company's operations extend beyond the offshore oil industry to encompass emergency rescue missions, navigation maintenance, support for offshore wind power projects, and land navigation services. This diverse service offering underscores the company's commitment to safety, reliability, and versatility in meeting the complex demands of its clients.

Products and Services

  • Offshore Oil Operations Support

    Providing aerial transportation and logistics for the offshore oil industry, including crew changes and material delivery to offshore platforms, is a cornerstone of CITIC Offshore Helicopter's services. This facilitates continuous operations and efficiency in the challenging offshore environment.

  • Emergency Rescue Services

    CITIC Offshore Helicopter delivers critical emergency response and rescue services, emphasizing rapid response times and specialized medical evacuations. This ensures safety and support for offshore operations and in emergency situations across various sectors.

  • Navigation Maintenance Support

    The company plays a vital role in the maintenance and support of navigational aids, helping to ensure the safety and efficiency of maritime and aviation traffic. This service is crucial for the smooth operation of transportation and shipping industries.

  • Offshore Wind Power Support

    In line with global moves towards renewable energy, CITIC Offshore Helicopter offers specialized services for the offshore wind power sector. This includes transporting personnel and materials required for the construction and maintenance of wind power installations.

  • Land Navigation Services

    Beyond its marine-focused services, the company also provides land navigation assistance, catering to a broad range of logistic and transport needs onshore, thereby complementing its marine and offshore operations.

Contact Information

Address: Shenzhen Helicopter Field, Shenzhen, China, 518052
Phone: 86 75 5267 23146