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Guangdong Shunna Electric Co., Ltd Profile

Electrical Equipment & Parts Industry
Industrials Sector
Mr. Yijun Zhang CEO
XSHE Exchange
CNE0000003T6 ISIN
CN Country
1,339 Employees
- Last Dividend
29 Mar 2010 Last Split
18 Oct 1993 IPO Date


Guangdong Shunna Electric Co., Ltd., established in 1992, stands as a prominent provider of power transmission and distribution equipment in China. With its headquarters nestled in Foshan, China, the company has carved a niche for itself in the electrical equipment sector. Specializing in a wide range of products, including dry-type transformers, prefabricated substations, and switch cabinets, Guangdong Shunna Electric Co., Ltd., caters to a diverse clientele. Its products find applications across various domains such as rail transit, data centers, and renewable energy power stations, marking the company's contributions towards supporting infrastructural and industrial advancements. Embracing innovation and quality, Guangdong Shunna Electric Co., Ltd. aims to meet the growing demands of electrical supply in both commercial and residential landscapes, thereby fostering sustainable development and energy efficiency.

Products and Services

  • Dry-Type Transformers

    These transformers, known for their safety and efficiency, are designed to minimize environmental contamination and fire hazard, making them suitable for indoor and sensitive applications like data centers and hospitals.

  • Prefabricated Substations

    Prefabricated substations are compact, modular units that are easily deployable and scalable, ideal for urban or remote areas requiring quick electricity distribution solutions. They encapsulate the latest in power distribution technology.

  • Combined Transformers

    Combining the functions of a traditional transformer with additional capabilities, these units serve multiple purposes in power transmission, such as voltage conversion and isolation, catering to specialized or compact infrastructure needs.

  • Medium and Low Voltage Switch Cabinets

    These cabinets are crucial for protecting, controlling, and isolating electrical equipment, ensuring safe and efficient power distribution within commercial buildings, industrial plants, and residential complexes.

  • Dry-Type Reactors

    Designed for electrical systems requiring inductance, dry-type reactors are used to limit short circuit currents, filter harmonics, and stabilize the network, enhancing the overall safety and efficiency of power systems.

  • Applications

    The versatility of Guangdong Shunna Electric Co., Ltd.'s product range allows for broad applications, including but not limited to, rail transit, data centers, water conservancy power stations, and renewable energy installations. The company also extends its expertise to shore power systems, industrial enterprises, and commercial setups, demonstrating a robust capacity for powering a sustainable future.

Contact Information

Address: Building 1, Chechuang Real Estate Plaza, Foshan, China, 528300
Phone: 86 75 7223 21222