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Wedge Industrial Co., Ltd. Profile

Utilities - Regulated Electric Industry
Utilities Sector
Mr. Tian Xiao Bi CEO
XSHE Exchange
CNE0000004T4 ISIN
CN Country
1,390 Employees
- Last Dividend
11 Aug 2006 Last Split
19 Oct 1993 IPO Date


Wedge Industrial Co., Ltd., based in Shantou, China, is a leading company in the fields of micro-ecological live bacteria products and superalloys. Founded in 1992, originally as Guangdong Wanze Industrial Co., Ltd., the company underwent a name change to Wedge Industrial Co., Ltd. in May 2013. It is known for its dedication to the research and development, production, and sale of these innovative products within the Chinese market. The company operates through two main segments: Microecological Preparations, and Superalloy and its Products. Besides, it diversifies its operations by engaging in the real estate development sector, showcasing its multifaceted business approach.

Products and Services

  • Micro-ecological Preparations:

    This category includes a range of products designed to balance intestinal flora and improve health. Products under this segment include:

    • Golden Bifido products: These are bifidobacterium lactobacillus triple live bacteria tablets designed to support gut health.
    • Dingjunsheng vaginal lactobacillus live capsules: Aimed at supporting vaginal health, these capsules contain live lactobacillus.
    • Golden Shuangqi drug: This drug is used to treat diarrhea and constipation issues stemming from an imbalance in intestinal flora.
    • Jianyue Bacteria dietary supplements: Supplements designed to support overall health by improving the gut microbiome.
    • Triple Probiotic Powder health food: A powder supplement containing a blend of probiotics for digestive health.
    • Other probiotic-based products such as toothpastes and hand creams are also offered, emphasizing the wide application of micro-ecological technology in everyday products.
  • Superalloy and its Products:

    This segment focuses on the production and sale of high-temperature alloy materials and core components used across various industries. Key offerings include:

    • Precision casting blades: These are critical components for the aerospace and energy sectors, made from high-quality superalloys.
    • Superalloy powder discs: Utilized in the manufacture of high-performance engine components.
    • High temperature master alloys and their alloy powders: These materials are essential for creating durable components able to withstand extreme conditions.

    In addition to the above products, Wedge Industrial Co., Ltd. also offers metal testing and processing services, further extending its reach within the superalloy market.

  • Real Estate Development:

    Expanding beyond its core operations, Wedge Industrial Co., Ltd. is involved in real estate development, indicating its strategic diversification into other lucrative sectors.

Contact Information

Address: Building B, Guangming Building, Shantou, China, 515041
Phone: 86 755 8326 0208