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Jinyuan EP Co., Ltd. Profile

Engineering & Construction Industry
Industrials Sector
Mr. Hui Zhao CEO
XSHE Exchange
CNE0000004G1 ISIN
CN Country
565 Employees
- Last Dividend
12 May 2006 Last Split
10 Nov 1993 IPO Date


Jinyuan EP Co., Ltd., originally established as Jinyuan Cement Co., Ltd. in 1992, has transformed and diversified its business to encompass a broader environmental perspective. With its headquarters in Hangzhou, China, the company officially altered its name to Jinyuan EP Co., Ltd. in May 2018 to reflect its expanded focus. This move signified its commitment beyond its traditional cement and concrete operations into environmental businesses, highlighting its role in recycling solid and hazardous waste. A significant part of Jinyuan EP's expansion includes its venture into the upstream activities of mining and refining salt lake brine lithium mines. Such endeavors enable the company to manufacture lithium products, which are critical components for new energy lithium batteries among other applications, thus positioning Jinyuan EP Co., Ltd. as a key player in the realm of sustainable resources and energy solutions.

Products and Services

  • Cement and Cement Clinker: Jinyuan EP produces a variety of high-quality cement and cement clinker products used in construction and infrastructure projects. The company employs advanced production techniques to ensure the durability and reliability of its products, catering to the vast needs of the construction industry.
  • Ready Mixed Concrete: The company offers ready mixed concrete, customizable to meet specific project requirements. This service ensures efficiency and quality in construction practices, providing solutions that are both time and cost-effective for its clients.
  • Recycling of Solid and Hazardous Waste: Demonstrating its commitment to environmental sustainability, Jinyuan EP engages in the recycling of solid and hazardous waste materials. Through innovative processing methods, the company contributes to waste reduction and resource recovery, aiding in the mitigation of environmental pollution.
  • Lithium Products for New Energy Solutions: Venturing into lithium mining and refining, Jinyuan EP manufactures lithium products essential for new energy lithium batteries and other fields. This operation underscores the company’s involvement in the new energy sector, focusing on the development of sustainable energy solutions.

Contact Information

Address: Building 1, Hangzhou, China, 130052
Phone: 86 571 8660 2265