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ADAMA Ltd. Profile

Agricultural Inputs Industry
Basic Materials Sector
Mr. Steve Hawkins CEO
XSHE Exchange
CNE0000004V0 ISIN
CN Country
8,872 Employees
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9 Jul 2007 Last Split
28 Oct 1993 IPO Date


ADAMA Ltd. is a premier global entity in the realm of crop protection, dedicated to providing sophisticated solutions to the agricultural sector worldwide. With a primary aim focused on combating various agricultural challenges, such as weeds, insects, and disease, ADAMA stands out for its extensive and diverse portfolio of active ingredients. Established initially in 1945 and formerly known as Hubei Sanonda Co., Ltd., the company rebranded to ADAMA Ltd. in December 2018, demonstrating its evolution and ambition in the agrochemical industry. The company boasts advanced research and development, manufacturing, and formulation facilities that contribute to its leadership in the sector. Operating as a crucial subsidiary of Syngenta Group Co., Ltd., ADAMA's operational reach spans Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific, India, the Middle East, and Africa, ensuring a global footprint. This extensive network allows ADAMA to offer unique mixtures, formulations, and high-quality differentiated products, catering to the local needs of farmers and customers in over 100 countries.

Products and Services

ADAMA Ltd.'s product range encompasses a vast spectrum designed to address almost every aspect of crop protection and beyond. The company's offerings include:

  • Herbicides: Developed to control or eliminate unwanted vegetation and weeds, ADAMA's herbicides are crafted for efficacy and safety, ensuring that crops can grow without competition for nutrients.
  • Insecticides: Specialized formulations designed to protect crops from various insect pests, these solutions are developed to minimize damage and loss, enhancing crop yield and quality.
  • Fungicides: With a focus on preventing and controlling fungal diseases, ADAMA's fungicides are vital for maintaining healthy crops and preventing yield losses due to disease outbreaks.
  • Formulations: ADAMA prides itself on producing advanced chemical formulations that enhance the efficacy and application of their crop protection products, tailored to meet the diverse needs of global agriculture.
  • Flame Retardants: Expanding beyond agrochemicals, ADAMA offers flame retardant chemicals used in various industrial applications for safety and compliance.
  • Intermediates and Ingredients: Serving a broad range of industries, the company provides intermediate materials and ingredients, including food additives, dietary supplements, and other essential chemicals for the food, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical sectors.
  • Fragrance Products: Supporting the perfume, cosmetics, body care, and detergent industries, ADAMA supplies fragrance products that enhance consumer goods with delightful scents.
  • Industrial Products: Catering to a variety of industrial needs, ADAMA's portfolio includes high-quality chemicals and solutions for professional applications across different sectors.
  • Consumer and Professional Solutions: Extending its reach, the company offers a range of products designed for both consumer and professional use, emphasizing versatility and innovation in its solutions.

Contact Information

Address: No 93, East Beijing Road, Jingzhou, China, 434001
Phone: 86 10 5671 8110