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Wanxiang Qianchao Co.,Ltd. Profile

Auto Parts Industry
Consumer Cyclical Sector
Mr. Pin Ni CEO
XSHE Exchange
CN Country
8,926 Employees
18 Jun 2024 Last Dividend
29 Apr 2015 Last Split
17 Nov 1993 IPO Date


Founded in 1969 and headquartered in Hangzhou, China, Wanxiang Qianchao Co., Ltd. operates as a pivotal arm of the Wanxiang Group Corporation, one of China's foremost conglomerates in the automotive components sector. The company has committed itself to the research and development, manufacture, and global sale of an extensive range of auto parts. Leveraging its robust presence in both domestic and international markets, Wanxiang Qianchao Co., Ltd. has cemented its reputation as a key player in the automotive industry, showcasing a relentless pursuit of innovation and quality in automotive parts manufacturing.

Products and Services

  • Roller, Needle, and Seal Products

    These components are essential for the smooth operation of a wide array of machinery and automotive systems, offering precision and durability to meet diverse operational demands.

  • Wheel Bearing Unit Products

    Designed to reduce friction and ensure the longevity of wheel assemblies, these units are critical for vehicle performance and safety.

  • Shock Absorber Assembly Products

    Improving vehicle ride quality and comfort, these assemblies absorb and dampen shock impulses, contributing to the stability and control of the vehicle.

  • Precision Forging

    This manufacturing process produces parts that are stronger than those made by any other metalworking process, facilitating the creation of components with exceptional durability and performance.

  • Bearing

    Bearings play a crucial role in reducing friction between moving parts, thereby enhancing the efficiency and reliability of various automotive and industrial applications.

  • Fuel Tank and Exhaust Muffler System

    These systems are integral to the safe and efficient operation of vehicles, managing fuel storage and minimizing noise pollution respectively.

  • Automotive Electronic

    Wanxiang Qianchao produces a range of electronic components that are vital for modern vehicles, encompassing everything from sensors to control systems that enhance performance, safety, and comfort.

  • Universal Joint Assembly

    This key component of the drive shaft allows for changes in the alignment of the direction of the drive, crucial for smooth vehicle operation.

  • Brake System

    Offering both disc and drum brake systems, the company ensures optimal vehicle safety through high-quality components that provide reliable stopping power.

  • Constant Speed Drive Shaft

    Essential for transmitting torque and rotation, these shafts are designed to maintain constant speed despite variations in load, ensuring smooth and efficient power transfer.

  • Drive Shaft Products

    Drive shafts are crucial for transferring torque from the engine to the wheels, enabling vehicle movement. Wanxiang Qianchao offers high-quality drive shafts designed for various automotive applications.

Contact Information

Address: Wanxiang Road, Hangzhou, China, 311215
Phone: 86 57 1828 32999