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BCAL Diagnostics Limited is a pioneering company specializing in the sphere of breast cancer detection and diagnosis. Founded in 2010, this Sydney-based corporation is at the forefront of developing innovative, non-invasive diagnostic solutions. BCAL Diagnostics is dedicated to transforming breast cancer screening and monitoring through the advancement of a groundbreaking blood test. This test aims to facilitate early detection, enhance screening processes, and support ongoing monitoring of breast cancer, making a significant impact on patient care and outcomes.

Products and Services

  • BCAL Test:

    A promising advancement in breast cancer detection, the BCAL test leverages lipid biomarker technology to create a non-invasive blood test for breast cancer. Its core objective is to identify a specific lipid biomarker fingerprint present in blood plasma, which signifies the presence of breast cancer cells in the body. This innovative approach aims not only at early prevention but also at enhancing screening accuracies and offering a reliable monitoring tool for ongoing patient management.

  • In Vitro Diagnostic Test (IVD):

    BCAL Diagnostics further extends its innovative offerings with an in vitro diagnostic test designed to confirm the presence of a unique lipid biomarker fingerprint in a patient's blood plasma. This diagnostic tool is integral for the accurate diagnosis of breast cancer, providing a non-invasive, patient-friendly option for detecting breast cancer cells. By focusing on lipid biomarkers, BCAL sets a new standard for precision in breast cancer diagnostics, representing a major leap forward in the field.

Contact Information

Address: 50 Clarence Street, Sydney, NSW, Australia, 2000
Phone: 61 2 9078 7671