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Packaged Foods Industry
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Mr. Blair William Brabin Vega Norfolk CEO
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Biome Australia Limited, established in 2018, distinguishes itself in the global market by developing, commercializing, and marketing a diverse range of live biotherapeutics and complementary medicines. Headquartered in Cremorne, Australia, the company has carved out a niche for itself by offering products that blend cutting-edge biotechnology with natural wellness solutions. Their presence is known both in Australia and on the international stage, suggesting a robust distribution and marketing strategy that includes community pharmacies, independent health practitioners, and health professionals as key channels. This strategic approach helps them touch base with a wide array of consumers, from those seeking everyday health supplements to individuals demanding specific biotherapeutic solutions.

Products and Services

  • Activated Probiotics

    Under the Activated Probiotics brand, Biome Australia Limited develops live biotherapeutic products that are engineered to enhance the gut microbiome and overall health. These products are based on live microorganisms that have a proven benefit on the host's health, essentially functioning as an arm of precision medicine in the realm of gut health and beyond.

  • Activated Nutrients

    Offered under the Activated Nutrients brand, these organic nutraceutical products represent a line of premium, wholefood-based supplements designed to support the nutritional needs of diverse demographics. From daily multivitamins to targeted nutritional support, these supplements aim to bridge the nutritional gaps in modern diets through organically sourced, scientifically backed ingredients.

  • Activated X Performance

    Addressing the needs of athletes and individuals engaged in physical activities, the Activated X Performance brand provides sports performance and recovery products. Tailored for optimizing physical performance and enhancing recovery, these products span pre-workout formulas, protein powders, and recovery aids, integrating science-backed nutrition for peak athletic performance.

Contact Information

Address: 192-194 Johnston Street, Cremorne, VIC, Australia, 3066
Phone: 61 3 9017 5800