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Railroads Industry
Industrials Sector
Mr. Joseph R. Hinrichs CEO
NASDAQ (NGS) Exchange
US1264081035 ISIN
United States Country
23,400 Employees
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3 Nov 1980 IPO Date


CSX Corporation, founded in 1978 and headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, along with its subsidiaries, operates as a key player in the rail freight industry in the United States. With a vast network spanning approximately 20,000 route miles, CSX services a significant part of the eastern U.S., the District of Columbia, and extends into the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec. The company not only maintains around 3,500 locomotives but also effectively manages a comprehensive intermodal service through about 30 terminals. This facilitates the seamless transport of manufactured consumer goods, showcasing CSX’s integral role in interconnecting various sectors of the economy through efficient freight transportation solutions.

Products and Services

CSX Corporation specializes in a broad range of rail-based freight transportation services, further elaborated as follows:

  • Rail Services:

    CSX provides key rail transportation services catering to the conveyance of a wide array of goods including chemicals, agricultural products, food products, automotive, forest products, fertilizers, metals, equipment, and more. This foundational service ensures the movement of bulk commodities and supports the backbone of the supply chain.

  • Intermodal Containers and Trailers:

    Through its extensive network of terminals, the company facilitates the transport of manufactured goods in containers, offering a versatile solution for long-distance freight movement. This service is complemented by drayage services that include the crucial first and last mile pickup and delivery of intermodal shipments.

  • Coal, Coke, and Iron Ore Transportation:

    CSX plays a pivotal role in transporting these critical raw materials to electricity-generating power plants, steel manufacturers, and industrial plants. The company's ability to export coal to deep-water port facilities further emphasizes its significance in the energy and manufacturing sectors.

  • Automotive Industry Services:

    Offering specialized distribution centers and storage locations, CSX meets the unique logistics needs of the automotive industry. Additionally, the company connects non-rail served customers by transferring products from rail to trucks, further showcasing its versatility and customer-centric approach.

Contact Information

Address: 500 Water Street
Phone: 904 359 3200