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Solar Industry
Technology Sector
Mr. Badrinarayanan Kothandaraman CEO
NASDAQ (NMS) Exchange
US29355A1079 ISIN
US Country
3,157 Employees
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30 Mar 2012 IPO Date


Enphase Energy, Inc. is a pioneering company in the solar photovoltaic industry, recognized for designing, developing, manufacturing, and selling comprehensive home energy solutions both within the United States and internationally. Since its inception in 2006 and being headquartered in Fremont, California, Enphase Energy has played a significant role in advancing solar energy adoption by focusing on cutting-edge technology and integrated energy solutions. Catering to a wide range of clients including solar distributors, large installers, original equipment manufacturers, strategic partners, and homeowners, Enphase Energy is committed to enhancing energy independence and sustainability through its innovative product offerings and services.

Products and Services

  • Semiconductor-based Microinverters:
  • At the core of Enphase's offerings are its semiconductor-based microinverters, designed to convert energy at the individual solar module level. This technology is complemented by the company’s proprietary networking and software technologies, enabling advanced energy monitoring and control capabilities. These microinverters stand out for their ability to ensure a more efficient and reliable energy production system.

  • IQ Gateway and Accessories:
  • Enphase provides the IQ Gateway along with various related accessories to facilitate a seamless and integrated home energy solution. The IQ Gateway serves as a crucial component in establishing a robust networking infrastructure for Enphase systems, supporting effective communication and management of the energy production data.

  • IQ Batteries:
  • Recognizing the growing need for energy storage, Enphase offers IQ Batteries as part of its energy solution. These batteries are engineered to store solar energy efficiently, providing homeowners with the flexibility to use solar power on demand, enhancing energy independence and resilience.

  • Enlighten Monitoring Service:
  • The cloud-based Enlighten monitoring service is another pivotal aspect of Enphase's offering. This service allows for detailed monitoring and analysis of energy production and consumption, offering insights that can lead to optimized energy usage and potentially lower electricity costs.

  • Storage Solutions:
  • Alongside the IQ Batteries, Enphase provides more comprehensive storage solutions designed to meet a variety of energy storage needs. These solutions are aimed at further enhancing the flexibility and efficiency of home energy systems.

  • Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions:
  • In addition to its solar energy products, Enphase Energy has ventured into electric vehicle charging solutions, catering to the evolving needs of modern homeowners. These solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with Enphase's home energy system, providing a convenient and efficient way to charge electric vehicles using solar energy.

  • Design, Proposal, Permitting, and Lead Generation Services:
  • To support its comprehensive product offerings, Enphase also provides a range of services including design, proposal, permitting, and lead generation. These services aim to streamline the process of adopting solar energy solutions, making it easier for installers and homeowners to transition to renewable energy.

  • Online Store and Legacy Product Upgrade Program:
  • Enphase's solutions are accessible through its online store, offering a direct channel for purchasing its products and services. Additionally, the company runs a legacy product upgrade program, allowing customers to update their existing systems with the latest Enphase technology, ensuring they benefit from the ongoing advancements in solar energy.

Contact Information

Address: 47281 Bayside Parkway, Fremont, CA, United States, 94538
Phone: 707 774 7000