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18 Jun, 20:00
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6.91B Market Cap
13.49 P/E Ratio
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3,242,000 Volume
1.43 Eps
$ 14.59
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Asset Management Industry
Financial Services Sector
Mr. Andrew Ryan Schlossberg CEO
NYSE Exchange
US Country
8,489 Employees
- Last Dividend
- Last Split
24 Aug 1995 IPO Date


Invesco Ltd. stands as a distinguished investment manager, recognized for its public ownership and service range that spans across various types of clients, including retail, institutional, and high-net worth clients, among others. Originating in 1935 and having transitioned through several names such as AMVESCAP plc and Invesco Plc, its roots can be traced back to H. Lotery & Co. Ltd., which marks the genesis of its legacy. With its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, and an additional strategic location in Hamilton, Bermuda, Invesco Ltd. boasts a global reach in the investment management sphere. The firm's versatility is evident in its capability to manage a broad spectrum of investment portfolios, reflecting its adaptability and expertise in meeting diverse client needs. Through its multifaceted services and investment solutions, Invesco Ltd. cements its position as a forerunner in the industry, driven by a commitment to delivering excellence and value to its stakeholders.

Products and Services

Invesco Ltd. provides a comprehensive suite of investment products and services designed to cater to a wide range of client requirements. Here's an overview of their primary offerings:

  • Equity and Fixed Income Portfolios:
  • The firm specializes in managing dedicated equity and fixed-income portfolios, tailoring strategies to align with client goals and market dynamics. These include investments across growth and value stocks of various market capitalizations and a diverse range of debt instruments, showcasing Invesco's holistic approach to portfolio management.

  • Mutual Funds:
  • With an array of equity, fixed income, commodity, multi-asset, and balanced mutual funds, Invesco Ltd. encapsulates a spectrum of investment opportunities. Their mutual funds are structured to suit varying investor profiles, risk tolerances, and return expectations, reflecting the firm’s dedication to providing accessible and flexible investment solutions.

  • Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs):
  • Invesco Ltd. is renowned for its innovative exchange-traded funds that span equity, fixed income, multi-asset, and balanced categories. These ETFs offer investors the benefits of diversification, liquidity, and cost-efficiency, underlining Invesco’s role in pioneering ETF solutions in the investment management industry.

  • Private Funds:
  • The firm’s capability extends to launching and managing private funds, catering to investors seeking exclusivity and tailored investment strategies. This segment demonstrates Invesco's prowess in navigating the complexities of private investments, offering specialized vehicles for a discerning clientele.

  • Global Investment Reach:
  • Invesco’s investment horizon spans the global equity and fixed income markets, along with alternative sectors like commodities and currencies. This global perspective empowers the firm to exploit international market trends and opportunities, fostering diversified and resilient investment portfolios.

  • Alternative Investments:
  • The firm delves into alternative markets, venturing into commodities and currencies. This diversification strategy underscores Invesco’s ambition to not only enhance portfolio returns but also mitigate risks through non-traditional investment avenues.

  • Structured Securities:
  • Invesco invests in a variety of structured securities, including asset-backed securities, mortgage-backed securities, and commercial mortgage-backed securities. These investments signify the firm’s adeptness in navigating complex financial instruments, offering clients sophisticated and nuanced investment options.

Contact Information

Address: Midtown Union, Atlanta, GA, United States, 30309
Phone: 404 892 0896