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18 Jun, 20:00
41. 01
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12.7B Market Cap
13.05 P/E Ratio
1.2% Div Yield
1,614,300 Volume
3.74 Eps
$ 40.74
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LKQ Corp Profile

Auto Parts Industry
Consumer Cyclical Sector
Mr. Dominick P. Zarcone CEO
NASDAQ (NGS) Exchange
US5018892084 ISIN
United States Country
49,000 Employees
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3 Oct 2003 IPO Date


LKQ Corporation, established in 1998 and headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, stands as a prominent distributor in the vehicle repair and maintenance parts industry. The corporation operates through four main segments: Wholesale-North America, Europe, Specialty, and Self Service. Its vast geographical footprint spans the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Italy, the Czech Republic, Austria, Poland, Slovakia, Taiwan, and other European countries. LKQ's extensive product line caters to collision and mechanical repair shops, new and used car dealerships, as well as retail customers, making it a vital player for a wide range of automotive needs.

Products and Services

  • Bumper covers, automotive body panels, and lights: These components are essential for the repair and cosmetic refurbishment of vehicles, aiding in the restoration of the vehicle's appearance and functionality after a collision.
  • Mechanical automotive parts and accessories: Including a broad range of engine parts, transmission systems, and other crucial mechanical components necessary for the maintenance and performance optimization of vehicles.
  • Salvage products: Offering a sustainable alternative by providing recycled mechanical and collision parts like engines, transmissions, door assemblies, sheet metal products, and more. This not only supports environmental efforts but also offers cost-effective options for repairs.
  • Scrap metal and materials: Catering to metals recyclers, LKQ distributes various scrap metals and other materials, underlining the company's commitment to sustainability and recycling.
  • Brake pads, discs and sensors, clutches, steering and suspension: These products are critical for the safe and efficient operation of vehicles, ensuring that drivers enjoy a smooth and secure driving experience.
  • Filters, oil, and automotive fluids: Highlighting the importance of regular vehicle maintenance, these consumables are essential for the longevity and reliability of vehicles.
  • Electrical products: Including spark plugs, batteries, and other electrical system components that are vital for the starting and operation of vehicles.
  • Recreational vehicle appliances and air conditioners, towing hitches: Catering to the specialty vehicle market, these products enhance the comfort and functionality of recreational vehicles.
  • Truck bed covers, vehicle protection products: Offering an array of accessories that not only protect but also improve the aesthetic appeal of vehicles.
  • Marine electronics, cargo management products: Extending its product range beyond automotive, LKQ also provides solutions for marine and cargo transport needs.
  • Wheels, tires, and suspension products: Essential for vehicle handling, comfort, and safety, these products play a crucial role in the maintenance and enhancement of vehicles.

Contact Information

Address: 500 West Madison Street
Phone: 312 621 1950