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Norfolk Southern Corp Profile

Railroads Industry
Industrials Sector
Mr. Alan H. Shaw CEO
NYSE Exchange
US6558441084 ISIN
United States Country
20,700 Employees
- Last Dividend
7 Apr 1987 Last Split
2 Jun 1982 IPO Date


Norfolk Southern Corporation, with its extensive network of subsidiaries, plays a pivotal role in the United States’ rail transport sector, focusing on the movement of a wide array of raw materials, intermediate products, and finished goods. The company’s significant outreach, covering approximately 19,100 route miles across 22 states and the District of Columbia, positions it as a key player in the logistics and transportation industry. Since its inception in 1980, Norfolk Southern has established its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, evolving into a vital conduit for trade and commerce throughout the United States. Through its adept management of an intermodal network and operations extending to various Atlantic and Gulf Coast ports, Norfolk Southern facilitates both domestic and overseas freight transportation, underpinning the American economy’s diverse sectors.

Products and Services

Norfolk Southern Corporation offers a comprehensive suite of transportation services catering to a broad spectrum of industries and sectors:

  • Agriculture, Forest, and Consumer Products: This includes the transportation of soybeans, wheat, corn, fertilizers, livestock and poultry feed, food products, food oils, flour, sweeteners, ethanol, lumber and wood products, pulp board and paper products, wood fibers, wood pulp, beverages, and canned goods. Each of these categories supports the agricultural and consumer goods sectors, ensuring the smooth flow of essential commodities across the nation.
  • Chemicals: The company’s chemical transport services encompass the movement of sulfur and related chemicals, petroleum products such as crude oil, chlorine and bleaching compounds, plastics, rubber, industrial chemicals, chemical wastes, sand, and natural gas liquids. This service caters to the chemical industry's needs, crucial for manufacturing, energy production, and various industrial processes.
  • Metals and Construction Materials: Norfolk Southern transports steel, aluminum products, machinery, scrap metals, cement, aggregates, minerals, clay, transportation equipment, and military-related products. This wide range of materials underpins the construction and manufacturing industries, facilitating infrastructure development and supporting the defense sector.
  • Automotive: The transportation of finished motor vehicles and automotive parts is another key service provided by Norfolk Southern, catering to the automotive industry's intricate supply chain requirements and supporting one of the nation's key economic sectors.
  • Coal: Although not explicitly detailed, the transportation of coal remains a significant part of Norfolk Southern’s operations, serving the energy sector by delivering coal for electricity generation and steel production.
  • Intermodal and Overseas Freight Services: Norfolk Southern’s extensive intermodal network and operations at Atlantic and Gulf Coast ports facilitate both domestic intermodal freight services and overseas freight transportation. This dual capability enhances the efficiency and flexibility of shipping and logistics, benefiting a myriad of sectors seeking to optimize their supply chain operations.

Contact Information

Address: 650 West Peachtree Street NW
Phone: 855 667 3655