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Shenzhen GuoHua Network Security Technology Co., Ltd. Profile

Biotechnology Industry
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Founded in 1981 and headquartered in Shenzhen, China, Shenzhen GuoHua Network Security Technology Co., Ltd. has established itself as a leader in the provision of comprehensive mobile Internet services, focusing on enhancing the security architecture of both emerging and established technologies. The company's broad expertise encompasses emergency security solutions and smart city initiatives, reflecting its commitment to safeguarding the digital ecosystem. By addressing critical areas such as mobile application security, big data security, and the security challenges inherent in the Internet of Things (IoT), Shenzhen GuoHua Network Security Technology Co., Ltd. delivers a multifaceted approach to combatting cyber threats. Its offerings are not limited to security solutions; the company has also ventured into the mobile gaming industry, providing distribution and operational services that underscore its versatility and adaptability to changing market dynamics.

Products and Services

The following are key products and services offered by Shenzhen GuoHua Network Security Technology Co., Ltd., tailored to meet the diverse needs of its clientele:

  • Mobile Application Security: This service focuses on safeguarding mobile apps from various security threats, ensuring the protection of sensitive data and maintaining user trust.
  • Big Data Security: Aimed at securing massive datasets from unauthorized access and breaches, this service is essential for organizations relying heavily on big data analytics.
  • Internet of Things (IoT) Security: With the increasing interconnectedness of devices, IoT security is critical for preventing unauthorized access and ensuring the safe exchange of data across devices and networks.
  • Mobile Security Consulting: This offers businesses expert advice on implementing robust security strategies for their mobile platforms and applications.
  • Mobile Security Training: Through comprehensive training programs, the company equips organizations with the knowledge and skills needed to address mobile security challenges effectively.
  • Mobile Security Detection: Specialized tools and services for detecting vulnerabilities and threats in mobile applications and platforms are provided, ensuring systems are free from exploitable weaknesses.
  • Mobile Security Reinforcement: This service enhances the security posture of mobile apps and platforms by implementing advanced protective measures and technologies.
  • Mobile Security Awareness: Raising awareness about mobile security best practices among users and developers is key to fostering a secure mobile ecosystem.
  • Mobile Security Management: Comprehensive management solutions that oversee all aspects of mobile security, ensuring that policies are adhered to and that the mobile environment remains secure.
  • Mobile Game Distribution and Operation Services: Beyond security, the company extends its expertise to the gaming industry, handling the distribution and operational aspects of mobile games, thereby supporting publishers in reaching wider audiences.

Contact Information

Address: Cuilin Building, Shenzhen, China, 518049
Phone: 86 755 8352 1713