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China Baoan Group Co., Ltd. Profile

Conglomerates Industry
Industrials Sector
Mr. Zhengli Chen CEO
XSHE Exchange
CNE000000222 ISIN
CN Country
16,595 Employees
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22 Jul 2019 Last Split
28 Dec 1988 IPO Date


Founded in 1983 and headquartered in Shenzhen, China, China Baoan Group Co., Ltd. is an established conglomerate with a diversified portfolio that spans the research, development, production, and sales of a wide range of products and services. The company’s operations include advanced materials such as lithium-ion battery anode, graphene, and cathode materials, indicative of its strength in the renewable energy sector. Additionally, China Baoan Group manufactures precision metal parts and engages in the automotive industry by producing energy vehicles, charging connectors, as well as exhaust gas purifiers. Its involvement in the military sector includes providing advanced communication equipment and simulation training systems, leveraging Beidou technology and radar electronic countermeasure technology. Furthermore, the company's ventures into healthcare, agriculture, real estate development, investment and financing, mining, and mineral resources highlight its multipronged business strategy. This broad array of activities underscores China Baoan Group's commitment to innovation and its significant role in multiple industrial sectors.

Products and Services

The diverse range of products and services offered by China Baoan Group Co., Ltd. reflects the company's multifaceted engagement across several industries. Here is a breakdown of its key offerings:

  • Lithium-ion Battery Anode and Cathode Materials: Focusing on the renewable energy sector, the company develops materials essential for the production of high-quality lithium-ion batteries. These advanced materials are vital for various applications, including electric vehicles and energy storage systems.
  • Graphene Products: Capitalizing on the unique properties of graphene, such as its strength and conductivity, China Baoan Group is at the forefront of producing graphene-based products for use in various high-tech applications.
  • Precision Metal Parts: The company manufactures high-quality precision metal parts that are critical components in numerous industrial and consumer products, showcasing its expertise in advanced manufacturing techniques.
  • Energy Vehicles and Related Components: China Baoan Group produces energy-efficient vehicles, AC and DC charging connectors, motors, and controllers, contributing to the development of the green transportation sector.
  • Environmental Purification Products: Engaged in environmental sustainability, the company produces automobile exhaust gas purifiers and civil air purification products, aiming to improve air quality.
  • Military and Defense Products: The company supplies military vehicle-mounted communication equipment, simulation training systems, and incorporates Beidou technology and radar electronic countermeasure technology in its defense products, demonstrating its capability in the defense sector.
  • Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Services: Beyond its industrial capabilities, China Baoan Group is involved in the healthcare sector through the manufacturing, retail, and wholesale of pharmaceuticals, as well as providing hospital diagnosis and treatment services.
  • Agricultural Products: Engaged in sustainable agriculture, the company offers biological pesticides and fertilizers and is involved in the cultivation, research, and development of neem, a plant known for its diverse medicinal and agricultural uses.
  • Real Estate Development: The group extends its diversified portfolio to the real estate sector, engaging in the development of various properties, leveraging its extensive experience and resources.
  • Investment and Financing: China Baoan Group’s involvement in investment and financing activities demonstrates its commitment to fostering innovation and supporting growth across its business sectors.
  • Mining and Mineral Resources: The company's operations in mining and selecting mineral resources showcase its strategic move to secure raw materials essential for its manufacturing processes and new product development.

Contact Information

Address: Bao'an Plaza, Shenzhen, China, 518020
Phone: 86 755 2517 0382