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CSG Holding Co., Ltd. Profile

Building Materials Industry
Basic Materials Sector
Mr. Jin He CEO
XSHE Exchange
CNE0000002R2 ISIN
CN Country
14,661 Employees
- Last Dividend
26 Jun 2019 Last Split
18 Dec 1991 IPO Date


CSG Holding Co., Ltd., originally founded as China Southern Glass Co., Ltd. in 1984, has evolved into a prominent global entity, focusing on the research, development, manufacturing, and sales of diverse glass products. Headquartered in Shenzhen, People's Republic of China, the company prides itself on its broad international reach and a comprehensive product suite. Its operations span across distinct segments, primarily focusing on Glass, Solar Energy, and Solar and Other products. Notably, CSG Holding has transitioned its name from China Southern Glass Co., Ltd. to its current name in March 1993, reflecting its expanded vision and capabilities. The company stands as a testament to innovation, offering solutions that serve various high-end applications including architectural designs, solar energy, automotive, and consumer electronics, further complemented by its venture into renewable energy and new material domains.

Products and Services

CSG Holding Co., Ltd. offers a wide array of products and services, catering to different industry needs from architectural innovations to renewable energy solutions:

  • Float and Engineering Glass Products: Specializes in the production and sale of top-quality float glass and engineering glass, designed to meet the requirements of high-end architectural projects, furniture, and decoration. The glass solutions in this category also include ultra-clear float glasses that find uses in ambitious architectural curtain walls, bringing beauty and durability to modern construction.
  • Architectural, Solar, and Ultra-Clear Float Glasses: Offering a range of glass products tailored for various applications such as decorative purposes, car windshields, transparent panels for scanners and photocopiers, display devices protection, and solar energy fields. These glasses are engineered to deliver exceptional clarity, resilience, and performance across different usages.
  • Polycrystalline Silicon Materials, Silicon Wafer, and Silicon Solar Cells and Modules: Within the Solar Energy segment, the company thrives on manufacturing and selling high-quality materials essential for solar energy generation, including polysilicon materials, silicon wafers, as well as silicon solar cells and modules. These products underscore CSG Holding's commitment to supporting sustainable energy initiatives through advanced solar technologies.
  • Renewable Energy Products: Beyond traditional offerings, CSG Holding extends its expertise into the renewable energy sector by providing innovative products that facilitate clean and sustainable energy solutions.
  • New Materials and Information Display Products: This category encompasses cutting-edge products like ultra-thin electronic glass and display devices, catering to the rapidly evolving tech industry requirements. These materials are pivotal in advancing the development of sleek, high-performance electronic devices.

Contact Information

Address: CSG Building, Shenzhen, China, 518067
Phone: 86 755 2686 0666