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China National Accord Medicines Corporation Ltd. Profile

Medical Distribution Industry
Healthcare Sector
Mr. Zhaoxiong Lin MBA CEO
XSHE Exchange
CNE0000009N6 ISIN
CN Country
39,449 Employees
- Last Dividend
1 Jun 2023 Last Split
5 May 1993 IPO Date


Founded in 1993 and originally known as Shenzhen Health Mineral Water Corp., Ltd., China National Accord Medicines Corporation Ltd. has significantly expanded its scope of operations to include a vast array of services and products in the pharmaceutical sector. Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, the company plays a key role in both the domestic and international pharmaceutical markets. As a subsidiary of Sinopharm Group Co., Ltd., one of the largest healthcare groups in China, China National Accord Medicines Corporation Ltd. leverages its robust parent company's network and resources to enhance its distribution capabilities and service offerings. The company's business activities encompass the retail and distribution of a wide range of pharmaceutical products, including proprietary Chinese medicines, chemical preparations, antibiotics, biochemical drugs, and biological preparations. Furthermore, it explores various commercial ventures, offering services that range from cargo transportation and warehousing to professional consulting and house leasing services. This comprehensive approach positions China National Accord Medicines Corporation Ltd. as a versatile player in the healthcare sector, catering to a broad spectrum of needs across different customer segments.

Products and Services

  • Pharmaceutical Products

    The core of its business, China National Accord Medicines Corporation Ltd., offers an extensive portfolio of pharmaceutical products. This includes proprietary Chinese medicines, chemical preparations, antibiotics, biochemical drugs, biological preparations, diagnostic drugs, and therapeutic and diagnostic biological products. The company's pharmaceutical offerings cater to a broad spectrum of healthcare needs, ensuring access to quality medicines for various medical conditions.

  • Medical Equipment and Health Supplies

    Beyond medicines, the company plays a crucial role in the distribution of medical devices and health supplies. Its product range includes essential medical equipment used in hospitals and clinics, supporting healthcare institutions in providing comprehensive care. Additionally, the retail and wholesales sectors of health supplies contribute to public access to health maintenance and improvement products.

  • Cargo Transportation, Warehousing, and Related Services

    Expanding its service spectrum, China National Accord Medicines Corporation Ltd. also offers cargo transportation, warehousing, and loading and unloading services. This logistical support is pivotal for the smooth operation of its distribution network, ensuring timely delivery of pharmaceutical products and medical equipment across vast geographical areas.

  • Import and Export Services

    The company is actively involved in the import and export of various commodities and technologies related to the pharmaceutical industry. Its international operations not only span the export of proprietary Chinese medicines and other pharmaceuticals but also encompass the trade of stereotyped packaged foods, chemical products, and more. This facet of its business underscores China National Accord Medicines Corporation Ltd.'s role as a global player in the healthcare sector.

  • Consulting and Leasing Services

    Further diversifying its offerings, the company provides professional consulting services along with house leasing services. These services are indicative of its adaptability and the breadth of its business operations, catering to a wider market beyond its traditional pharmaceutical and medical products clientele.

Contact Information

Address: Accord Pharmaceutical Building, Shenzhen, China, 518029
Phone: 86 755 2587 5140