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21 Jun, 06:57
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ZTE Corporation Profile

Communication Equipment Industry
Technology Sector
Mr. Zixue Li CEO
XSHE Exchange
CN Country
72,093 Employees
- Last Dividend
17 Jul 2015 Last Split
6 Oct 1997 IPO Date


ZTE Corporation, founded in 1985 and headquartered in Shenzhen, People's Republic of China, is a global leader in integrated communication information solutions. The company operates on a multinational scale, serving a diverse clientele across Asia, Africa, Europe, the United States, and Oceania. ZTE’s business operations are strategically divided into three main segments to cater to different market needs: Carriers' Networks, Government and Corporate Business, and Consumer Business. Each segment is dedicated to providing innovative technology and product solutions in its respective domain. The Carriers' Network focuses on a broad spectrum of network solutions, including both wireless and wireline access, bearer networks, core networks, as well as next-generation servers and storage. In contrast, the Government and Corporate Business segment specializes in offering advanced informatization solutions utilizing cutting-edge technologies like IoT, big data, and cloud computing. The Consumer Business segment addresses the evolving demands of personal technology users with a wide range of products, from smartphones to smart home devices, paired with software applications and value-added services. Throughout its history, ZTE has been committed to driving advancements in communication and information technologies to empower customers worldwide.

Products and Services

  • Wireless Access Products:
  • Includes a comprehensive range of products designed to provide robust wireless network access. These encompass advanced solutions for 5G and 4G LTE networks, ensuring high-speed connectivity and coverage.

  • Wireline Access Solutions:
  • Covers a variety of technologies aimed at enhancing fixed network connectivity. This includes DSL, PON, and Ethernet access solutions, catering to the diverse needs of wired network deployments.

  • Bearer Networks:
  • Enables efficient and reliable transmission of data across communication networks. These solutions include optical transport networks (OTN), microwave, and router technologies that support the backbone of connectivity.

  • Core Networks:
  • Focuses on the development of the central part of the telecommunications network, facilitating voice, data, and multimedia services. ZTE’s core network solutions are crucial for delivering end-to-end network performance and reliability.

  • Server and Storage:
  • Offers a selection of servers and storage systems designed for high performance and reliability, supporting the infrastructure needs of businesses and service providers in the era of big data and cloud computing.

  • Smart Home Devices:
  • ZTE’s range of smart home products includes smart terminals and IoT devices that enhance the interconnectedness and intelligence of home environments, offering convenience and advanced home management.

  • Smartphones and Mobile Internet Terminals:
  • The company produces a wide array of mobile devices, from high-end smartphones to mobile broadband devices, designed to meet the needs of different users, ensuring connectivity and access to services on the go.

  • Cloud Computing and Big Data Services:
  • Provides powerful cloud computing and big data analytic services. These services enable businesses and governments to harness the power of data, improve decision-making, and deliver innovative services.

  • Informatization Solutions:
  • Tailored solutions that leverage communications networks, IoT, big data, and cloud computing to support the digital transformation goals of government entities and corporations.

Contact Information

Address: ZTE Plaza, Shenzhen, China, 518057
Phone: 86 75 5267 70000