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Norinco International Cooperation Ltd. Profile

Engineering & Construction Industry
Industrials Sector
Mr. Ni Jing CEO
XSHE Exchange
CN Country
2,146 Employees
- Last Dividend
1 Jun 2018 Last Split
16 Apr 1998 IPO Date


Norinco International Cooperation Ltd., headquartered in Beijing, China, stands as a pivotal player in the global engineering and construction sector. Established in 1984, the company has broadened its horizons beyond its initial focus, embracing a diverse array of endeavors that span across continents including Asia, Africa, Europe, and beyond. As a subsidiary of China North Industries Co., Ltd., Norinco International Cooperation Ltd. leverages substantial industry expertise and resources to deliver comprehensive solutions. Its project portfolio is impressively varied, covering railway construction, thermal and hydropower stations, power transmission and transformation projects, as well as petroleum and mineral facility constructions. Moreover, the company has made significant strides in the real estate sector, developing both residential and commercial properties. Its commitment to innovation and excellence is also evident in its engagement in international engineering contracting, domestic construction engineering, the export trade of heavy equipment, and logistics services. Additionally, Norinco International enhances its portfolio with activities in logistics automation equipment system integration, solar energy, the production and sale of metal packaging containers, bulk commodity trading, and the pioneering of new energy projects. This multifaceted approach underscores the company's dedication to contributing to global infrastructure development while embracing sustainable practices and cutting-edge technologies.

Products and Services

  • International Engineering Contracting

    Expanding global infrastructures through extensive international engineering projects, including the construction of railways, power stations, and municipal facilities.

  • Domestic Construction Engineering

    Enhancing China's domestic landscape with top-tier construction services, focusing on public, commercial, and industrial projects.

  • Heavy Equipment Export Trade

    Trading in a broad spectrum of heavy machinery and equipment, catering to the varied demands of construction, mining, and engineering sectors worldwide.

  • Logistics Services and System Integration

    Offering comprehensive logistics solutions, including automation equipment system integration to optimize supply chain operations.

  • Solar Energy Projects

    Engaging in the trading of solar energy products and the development of new energy projects, reflecting a commitment to renewable energy sources.

  • Real Estate Development

    Developing high-quality residential and commercial projects, aiming to create sustainable and innovative living and working environments.

  • Metal Packaging Containers Production and Sales

    Producing and distributing a wide range of metal packaging solutions, serving various industries including food and beverage, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals.

  • Bulk Commodity Trading

    Engaging in the trading of bulk commodities, leveraging market insights and a global trading network to meet the supply and demand across markets.

Contact Information

Address: North International Building, Beijing, China, 100040
Phone: 86 10 6813 7500