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18 Jul, 06:30
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Samyang Holdings Corporation Profile

Conglomerates Industry
Industrials Sector
Mr. Jeong Kim CEO
KRX SM Exchange
KR7000070003 ISIN
KR Country
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5 Dec 2011 Last Split
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Samyang Holdings Corporation, founded in 1924, operates as a dynamic conglomerate with a diversified business portfolio spanning across various domains such as chemicals, food, packaging, pharmaceuticals, and much more. Headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, the corporation has established a significant international presence, extending its operations to various countries including China, Japan, other parts of Asia, Europe, and beyond. Through its subsidiaries, Samyang Holdings engages in the production, sale, research, trading, and export of a broad range of products and services, showcasing its commitment to innovation and quality across all its business ventures.

Products and Services

Samyang Holdings Corporation offers an extensive array of products and services across its diversified business segments, including:

  • Chemicals: The company specializes in the production of engineering plastics, ion exchange resins, BPA chemicals, personal care materials, eco-friendly materials, semiconductor materials, and terephthalic acid (TPA) chemical materials. These products find applications in a wide range of industries, underscoring Samyang's contribution to technological advancements and sustainability efforts.
  • Food: Under its food division, Samyang offers a variety of products such as sugar, starch sugar, flour, sweeteners, wheat, processed foods, and processed oils/fats. Additionally, it produces water-soluble dietary fibers and health and wellness products. Samyang also provides food service distribution services under the ServeQ brand, catering to diverse dietary needs and preferences.
  • Pharmaceuticals: In the pharmaceutical sector, Samyang develops and markets medical devices, anticancer drugs, and drug delivery systems for gene therapeutics. These contributions highlight the company's dedication to advancing healthcare solutions and improving patient outcomes.
  • Packaging: The company manufactures and sells PET bottles, recycles PET chips, and offers aseptic filings, playing a key role in the packaging industry. Through these services, Samyang demonstrates its commitment to environmental sustainability and innovative packaging solutions.
  • IT Services: Samyang provides comprehensive IT services, including IT consulting on system management and integration, e-business services, and solutions in ERP, CRM, KMS, Portal, HR, MES, BI, and mobile services. These services cater to a variety of sectors such as public, finance, and manufacturing, enabling digital transformation and operational efficiency.
  • Cosmetics: Through its cosmetics division, Samyang offers a range of skin care products under the brand name ABOUT ME and dermo-bio cosmetics under the MediAnswer brand. These products aim to meet the diverse needs of consumers seeking high-quality, innovative skincare solutions.

Contact Information

Address: 31, Jongno 33-gil, Seoul, South Korea, 03129
Phone: 82 2 740 7111