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18 Jul, 08:00
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40.50 HKD
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CK Hutchison Holdings Limited stands as a prominent investment holding entity, with a diversified portfolio that spans ports and related services, retail, infrastructure, telecommunications, and more on a global scale. With a history stretching back to 1828, the company has built a notable presence in various industries, manifesting through strategic investments, development, and operation of critical infrastructure. Based in Central, Hong Kong, CK Hutchison showcases a remarkable ability to tap into multiple sectors, adapting and growing amidst ever-changing market dynamics. The conglomerate not only participates in the global economy through its expansive operations but also contributes to innovations in telecommunications, retail, and infrastructure projects worldwide.

Products and Services

CK Hutchison Holdings Limited offers an extensive array of products and services that cater to various needs, from basic utilities to sophisticated telecommunications solutions. Listed below are some of their key offerings:

  • Ports and Related Services: The company excels in operating 293 berths across 51 ports in 25 countries, providing a comprehensive range of logistics and transportation-related services. This includes cruise ship terminals, distribution centers, river trade, ship repair facilities, and more, facilitating global trade and cargo movement.
  • Retail Operations: CK Hutchison operates a multitude of retail brands across different segments, including personal care, health and beauty products, food and fine wines, consumer electronics, and electrical appliances. They are also the force behind well-known supermarkets and the production and distribution of bottled water and beverages under the Watsons Water and Mr. Juicy brands.
  • Infrastructure Investments: The conglomerate invests in a variety of infrastructure projects that include energy, transportation, water, waste management, waste-to-energy, and household infrastructure, among others. These investments aim to enhance the quality of life and support sustainable development in regions where they operate.
  • Telecommunications: Offering mobile telecommunications and data services, CK Hutchison positions itself as a key player in the telecom sector. It focuses on providing cutting-edge solutions to meet the growing demand for connectivity and digital services.
  • Integrated Energy Company: As an integrated energy company, CK Hutchison engages in activities across the energy value chain. This encompasses everything from the generation and distribution of electricity to the distribution of gas and the exploration of renewable energy solutions.
  • Health and Nutraceuticals: The company is involved in the research, development, manufacturing, and marketing of nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, and agriculture-related products. This division reflects CK Hutchison’s commitment to improving health outcomes and promoting sustainable agricultural practices.
  • Additional Services: CK Hutchison provides a range of other essential services, including marine construction and ship repair, general engineering, water supply and sewerage, electricity generation and distribution, gas distribution, aircraft maintenance, and rolling stock leasing. These services are crucial for the maintenance and development of infrastructure and for ensuring the smooth operation of various sectors.

Contact Information

Address: Cheung Kong Center
Phone: 852 2128 1188