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The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited Profile

Utilities - Regulated Gas Industry
Utilities Sector
HKEX Exchange
Hong Kong Country
56,444 Employees
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4 Jun 2021 Last Split
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The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited, commonly known as Towngas, has been a pioneer in the energy industry since its establishment in 1862. Boasting a rich heritage, Towngas is not only the first public utility in Hong Kong but also one of the largest energy suppliers in the region. With a robust presence in both Hong Kong and Mainland China, its operations encompass the production, distribution, and marketing of gas, along with water supply and a broad spectrum of energy services. Emphasizing sustainability and technological innovation, Towngas is dedicated to developing low-emission and low-pollution new energy projects. These projects range from clean coal chemical processes to methane liquefaction, showcasing the company's commitment to reducing environmental impact. Beyond energy, Towngas has expanded into network connectivity, data centers, ICT services, and engineering solutions, illustrating its diverse capabilities and forward-thinking approach in addressing modern energy and infrastructure challenges. The company's headquarters are situated in North Point, Hong Kong, serving as a testament to its enduring contributions to the region's development and its ambition towards shaping a greener, smarter energy future.

Products and Services

  • Smart Energy and City Gas

    Provides integrated energy solutions including piped city gas for residential and commercial use, implementing smart energy practices to enhance efficiency and user experience.

  • Upstream and Midstream Projects

    Engages in the exploration, production, and processing of energy resources, focusing on sustainable practices and technologies to minimize environmental impact.

  • Water Supply and Wastewater Treatment

    Offers comprehensive water services ranging from freshwater supply to sewage treatment, employing advanced treatment technologies to ensure sustainability and public health.

  • Urban Waste Resource Utilization

    Focuses on converting urban waste into useful resources, including energy, illustrating the company's commitment to environmental sustainability and resource efficiency.

  • Natural Gas Filling Stations

    Operates a network of filling stations for natural gas vehicles (NGVs), promoting cleaner transportation options and reducing vehicular emissions.

  • New Energy Exploration and Utilization

    Invests in innovative energy sources and technologies, such as clean coal chemical processes and methane liquefaction, to reduce the carbon footprint and support a sustainable energy landscape.

  • Network Connectivity and ICT Services

    Delivers critical information and communications technology services, including network connectivity and data center operations, supporting the digital infrastructure needs of modern societies.

  • Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Services

    Provides comprehensive EPC services for utilities installation, infrastructure construction, alongside civil and building services engineering for both public and private sector projects.

  • Consultancy and Contractor Services

    Offers expert consultancy services and engineering contracting, covering a wide range of projects in utilities installation, infrastructure, and civil engineering.

  • Gas Meters and Metering Systems

    Designs, manufactures, and supplies gas meters and metering systems, ensuring accurate gas consumption monitoring and billing for customers.

  • Polyethylene Piping and Fittings Manufacturing

    Manufactures high-quality polyethylene piping and fittings, vital for the safe and efficient transport of gas and water.

  • Software Development and System Integration

    Engages in software development, solution implementation, and systems integration, providing tailored IT solutions for various energy and infrastructure applications.

Contact Information

Address: 363 Java Road
Phone: 852 2963 2739