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Communication Equipment Industry
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Mr. Yong-Kil Park CEO
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Dayou Plus Co.,Ltd, situated in Gwangju, South Korea, holds a prominent position in the global market with its diversified business sectors, including automobile parts, information and communication technology (ICT), and home appliances. With a rich history dating back to its inception in 1967, the company underwent a significant rebranding from Dayou Smart Aluminium Co., Ltd to Dayou Plus Co.,Ltd in 2016, marking a strategic shift towards expanding its product offerings and global reach. Its operations span across vital markets, including South Korea, China, Mexico, and other international territories, demonstrating Dayou Plus Co.,Ltd's commitment to innovation, excellence, and meeting the diverse needs of its customers worldwide. The company is not only a key player in the automotive industry, providing essential steering components and aluminum wheels, but it has also carved out a substantial niche in the ICT domain with its sophisticated network solutions and communication equipment. Additionally, Dayou Plus Co.,Ltd has ventured into the realms of nano-materials and solar power generation, showcasing its dedication to sustainable development and cutting-edge technology. Its foray into the home appliance market under well-known brands further illustrates its versatility and customer-centric approach.

Products and Services

  • Automobile Parts: Dayou Plus Co.,Ltd manufactures and distributes key automotive components such as steering systems and aluminum wheels, catering to the evolving needs of the automobile industry. These parts are critical for vehicle performance and safety, highlighting the company's role in advancing automotive technology.
  • Network Solutions and Communication Equipment: The company offers a comprehensive range of ICT products, including FTTx products, switches, and various broadcasting and transmission equipment. This segment covers fiber to the home and RF overlay solutions, CATV systems, IPTV systems, and internal company and monitoring systems. These solutions underscore Dayou Plus Co.,Ltd's commitment to enhancing connectivity and communication technologies.
  • Nano-Material and Solar Power Generation: Engaging in the cutting-edge fields of nano-material and solar power generation, Dayou Plus Co.,Ltd is at the forefront of developing sustainable and innovative energy solutions. This initiative represents the company's dedication to environmental sustainability and its contribution to the renewable energy sector.
  • Home Appliances: Under renowned brands such as WINIA, The Original Dimchae Kimchi, Alpha Mihak Dichae, and Spowasher, Dayou Plus Co.,Ltd offers a variety of home appliances. These include air conditioners, refrigerators, electric rice cookers, air purifiers, natural humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and car air purifiers. Each product is designed with the consumer's well-being and convenience in mind, reflecting the company's focus on enhancing the quality of life through technological innovation.

Contact Information

Address: 40-16 Sogong-ro, Gwangju, South Korea, 62384
Phone: 82 3 1737 7000