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Tunghsu Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. Profile

Electronic Components Industry
Technology Sector
Mr. Qing Wang CEO
XSHE Exchange
CNE000000578 ISIN
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3,461 Employees
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28 May 2014 Last Split
11 Sep 1996 IPO Date


Tunghsu Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd., which was initially known as Shijiazhuang Baoshi Electronic Glass Co., Ltd., is a forefront company based in Beijing, China, primarily involved in the manufacture of optoelectronic displays and innovative solutions for new energy vehicles. Since its establishment in 1992, the company has grown to become a key player in the optoelectronic industry within China. Its scope of operations spans the design, development, and manufacturing of high-end intelligent equipment, specifically tailoring automated production line products for the prestigious LCD and OLED panel sectors. Additionally, Tunghsu Optoelectronic has carved a niche in new energy sectors, offering breakthrough products like graphene-based lithium-ion batteries and graphene electric heating films, alongside high-end energy buses. The company's dedication to R&D has not only solidified its position in providing cutting-edge optoelectronic devices but has also enabled it to venture successfully into the production of new energy vehicles and related components.

Products and Services

  • Liquid Crystal Glass Substrates and Cover Glasses:

    These are essential components for the manufacturing of LCDs and OLEDs, with Tunghsu Optoelectronic providing high-quality substrates and covers that offer superior performance and durability for use in television screens, smartphones, and other electronic displays.

  • Color Filters and Sapphire Glasses:

    Color filters are utilized in the production of digital displays to generate accurate colors, while sapphire glasses, known for their exceptional hardness and scratch resistance, are used in premium smartphone screens and watch faces, demonstrating the company's commitment to high-quality materials in optoelectronics.

  • Graphene LED Lights and Graphene Electric Heating Films:

    These products highlight the company's innovation in using graphene, a highly conductive and flexible material, for creating more efficient lighting solutions and heating systems. The LED lights offer improved energy efficiency and longevity, whereas the electric heating films provide an innovative solution for heating, leveraging the exceptional thermal properties of graphene.

  • Graphene-based Lithium-ion Batteries:

    Advancing in new energy solutions, Tunghsu Optoelectronic's graphene-based lithium-ion batteries represent a significant leap in battery technology, providing higher capacity, faster charging times, and increased safety for electric vehicles and portable electronics.

  • High-end Equipment Manufacturing and System Integration Services:

    This service encompasses the design and manufacturing of high-end intelligent equipment and the integration of automated production lines, primarily for the LCD and OLED panel industries, illustrating the company's expertise in delivering comprehensive solutions that enhance operational efficiency and productivity for its clients.

  • Energy Buses:

    As part of its commitment to new energy vehicles, Tunghsu Optoelectronic manufactures energy-efficient buses equipped with its cutting-edge graphene-based lithium-ion batteries, paving the way for more sustainable and eco-friendly public transportation options.

Contact Information

Address: No. 1 Caiyuan Street, Beijing, China, 100053
Phone: 86 10 8397 8866