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Bohai Leasing Co., Ltd. Profile

Rental & Leasing Services Industry
Industrials Sector
Mr. Wei Hua Ma CEO
XSHE Exchange
CNE0000009B1 ISIN
CN Country
574 Employees
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3 Jun 2015 Last Split
23 Jun 1996 IPO Date


Bohai Leasing Co., Ltd., headquartered in Beijing, China, is a comprehensive leasing service provider, primarily engaged in offering a diverse range of leasing solutions within the People's Republic of China. This company, initially established in 1993, prides itself on its extensive experience and a broad portfolio of leasing services. Before embracing its current identity, it was known as Bohai Capital Holding Co., Ltd., until November 2018, when it underwent a rebranding to better reflect its core business and market positioning. Through its various subsidiaries, Bohai Leasing manages to cater to a wide array of industries, reinforcing its role as a pivotal player in the leasing sector. It specializes in four primary segments: aircraft, container, infrastructure and real estate, and high-end equipment leasing. This diversification showcases Bohai Leasing's adaptability and commitment to meeting the ever-evolving needs of its clients across different sectors.

Products and Services

  • Aircraft Leasing

    Bohai Leasing offers comprehensive aircraft leasing solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of airlines and other aviation clients. This service includes financing leases to facilitate the purchase of aircraft, as well as operating leases that provide clients with flexibility in managing their fleet composition and capital expenditures.

  • Container Leasing

    The company provides leasing options for various types of containers, supporting the global shipping industry. Bohai Leasing’s container leasing services are tailored to assist shipping companies and other participants in the logistics chain to efficiently manage their container fleets, accommodating the cyclical nature of the shipping market.

  • Infrastructure and Real Estate Leasing

    Understanding the critical importance of infrastructure and real estate in economic development, Bohai Leasing offers innovative leasing solutions to support the construction and utilization of infrastructure and real estate projects. This segment covers a wide range of assets, including commercial buildings, industrial parks, and other infrastructure facilities, facilitating their development and operational needs.

  • High-end Equipment Leasing

    Targeting sectors that require sophisticated and high-value machinery, such as manufacturing, healthcare, and IT, Bohai Leasing provides leasing services for high-end equipment. This ensures businesses have access to the latest technology and equipment without the hefty initial investment, thereby enhancing their operational efficiency and competitive edge.

Contact Information

Address: Floor 10, Hongyuan Building, No. 4, Beijing, China, 100125
Phone: 86 10 5810 2660