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18 Jul, 06:30
5,090. 00
318.68B Market Cap
- P/E Ratio
110% Div Yield
116,452 Volume
635.24 Eps
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Daewon Kang Up Co., Ltd. Profile

Auto Parts Industry
Consumer Cyclical Sector
Mr. Chai-Chul Hur CEO
KRX SM Exchange
KR7000430009 ISIN
KR Country
666 Employees
- Last Dividend
29 Dec 2009 Last Split
- IPO Date


Daewon Kang Up Co., Ltd., established in 1946, operates both domestically within South Korea and on an international scale. The company specializes in the development, production, and sale of various products and services, primarily focusing on suspension springs and seats for a wide range of applications. Headquartered in Cheonan-si, South Korea, Daewon Kang Up has built a reputation for crafting an extensive portfolio of high-quality products tailored to the needs of automotive, railway vehicles, and industrial applications. Engaging in continuous innovation and leveraging advanced manufacturing technologies, the company also provides comprehensive engineering services, showcasing its commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction across all aspects of its operations.

Products and Services

  • Suspension Springs: The company’s suspension springs portfolio includes coil springs, air springs, stabilizer bars, torsion bars, and leaf springs. These parts are crucial for vehicle suspension systems, providing stability and comfort by absorbing and damping shocks from the road.
  • Precision Springs: This category features engine valve springs, auto clutch return springs, curved springs, and various wire springs, along with springs designed for IT parts. Precision springs are made with high accuracy for specific, critical applications, ensuring operational reliability across a variety of sectors.
  • Industrial Springs: Daewon Kang Up offers industrial springs such as die springs, disc springs, coil inserts, and tension bar connections. These products find applications in manufacturing machines and tools, lending stability and support in heavy-duty operations.
  • Manufacturing and Test Equipment for Springs: The company designs and manufactures specialized equipment for producing coil and leaf springs, alongside testing equipment for assessing the durability and performance of springs, ensuring that products meet stringent quality standards.
  • Engineering Services: Daewon Kang Up provides clients with engineering services focused on the design, development, and optimization of suspension systems and components. These services facilitate custom solutions tailored to unique requirements and challenges
  • Seats and Components: Offering a broad range of seats for automobiles, railway vehicles, high-speed trains, and heavy equipment, the company’s catalog includes adjusters, recliners, pumping devices, active headrests, magnesium frames, and complete seat assemblies. These products emphasize comfort, safety, and innovation, catering to both consumer and commercial needs.

Contact Information

Address: 114-41, Osong 1 gil, Cheonan-si, South Korea, 31042
Phone: 82 4 1520 7500