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Shandong Hi-Speed Road and Bridge Group Co., Ltd. Profile

Engineering & Construction Industry
Industrials Sector
Mr. Cunyou Lin CEO
XSHE Exchange
CNE0000009D7 ISIN
CN Country
29,889 Employees
- Last Dividend
18 Apr 2006 Last Split
28 May 1997 IPO Date


Shandong Hi-Speed Road&Bridge Group Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive conglomerate that specializes in a vast array of construction activities, ranging from roads and bridges to water conservancy and airports, both within China and on an international scale. The company, originally known as Shandong Hi-Speed Road & Bridge Co., Ltd., underwent a name change in January 2021, signaling its evolution and expansion in the infrastructure sector. Established in 1948 and headquartered in Jinan, China, Shandong Hi-Speed has built a reputation for excellence in the construction industry, leveraging its extensive experience and expertise to deliver high-quality projects.

The company's forte lies in general contracting, where it undertakes large-scale construction projects across various domains such as road and municipal construction, water conservancy and hydropower projects, electric power infrastructure, port and aviation facilities, railways, and electromechanical constructions. Shandong Hi-Speed Road&Bridge Group is not only a leader in building infrastructures but also specializes in professional construction contracting, focusing on technical aspects such as roadbeds, road surfaces, bridges, tunnels, and steel structures. Additionally, it extends its prowess to maintenance projects, railway engineering, housing construction, tunnel engineering, harbor engineering, overseas projects, equipment manufacturing, and design consultation, highlighting its versatile capabilities in the construction realm.

Products and Services

The wide array of products and services offered by Shandong Hi-Speed Road&Bridge Group Co., Ltd. showcases its leadership in the construction industry, emphasizing its ability to deliver complex projects with precision and excellence. Below are some of the core services and products the company provides:

  • General Contracting: As the backbone of its operations, the company takes on comprehensive responsibilities for constructing infrastructure projects such as roads, bridges, water systems, and more, ensuring top-notch quality from start to finish.
  • Professional Construction Contracting: Specializing in the construction of roadbeds, road surfaces, bridges, tunnels, and steel structures, Shandong Hi-Speed demonstrates its technical expertise in executing critical aspects of infrastructure projects.
  • Maintenance Projects: Beyond construction, the company offers maintenance services for existing infrastructure, ensuring longevity and reliability of roads, bridges, and various other structures.
  • Railway Engineering: Shandong Hi-Speed excels in the construction and maintenance of railway systems, contributing to the development of crucial transport links that facilitate economic growth and connectivity.
  • Housing Construction Projects: The company's capabilities also extend to the construction of residential buildings, showcasing its versatility and ability to meet diverse construction needs.
  • Tunnel and Harbor Engineering: With specialized expertise in building tunnels and harbors, Shandong Hi-Speed undertakes projects that play essential roles in enhancing trade and transportation networks.
  • Overseas Projects: Emphasizing its global footprint, the company engages in the construction of infrastructure projects outside China, bringing its expertise to international clients and contributing to global development efforts.
  • Equipment Manufacturing: Apart from construction services, Shandong Hi-Speed is involved in manufacturing construction equipment, supplying high-quality machinery and tools essential for infrastructure development.
  • Design Consultation: The company provides expert consultation services for infrastructure projects, offering insights and solutions during the design phase to ensure optimal outcomes.

Contact Information

Address: No. 14677, Jingshi Road, Jinan, China, 250014
Phone: 86 53 1689 06079