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NanHua Bio-medicine Co., Ltd Profile

Biotechnology Industry
Healthcare Sector
Mr. Changqiao You CEO
XSHE Exchange
CNE000000263 ISIN
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15 Jan 2007 Last Split
28 Oct 1991 IPO Date


Landfar Bio-medicine Co., Ltd, established in 1991 and headquartered in Changsha, China, operates primarily within the biomedical technology industry. The company’s operations are divided into two main segments - Biomedicine, and Energy Saving and Environmental Protection. In the Biomedicine sector, Landfar Bio-medicine is dedicated to providing cutting-edge services such as stem cell storage, stem cell therapy research, and the procurement and sales of medical devices. This segment underscores the company's commitment to advancing medical science and healthcare offerings. The Energy Saving and Environmental Protection segment represents the company’s efforts towards sustainable business practices, engaging in energy management contracts, build-transfer projects, and sewage treatment services. This diversification not only exemplifies Landfar's dedication to biomedicine but also its commitment to environmental sustainability.

Products and Services

  • Stem Cell Storage and Technical Services:

    Landfar Bio-medicine offers comprehensive services for the storage of stem cells, embracing cutting-edge preservation techniques. This service is pivotal for clients looking to bank stem cells for potential future medical treatments and research purposes. The company employs state-of-the-art technology to ensure the highest standards of stem cell preservation.

  • Stem Cell Therapy Research:

    The company is engaged in pioneering research in the field of stem cell therapy, exploring new treatments for various diseases. Landfar Bio-medicine invests in the development of innovative applications of stem cells to advance medical science and improve patient care outcomes. This research is critical in the pursuit of regenerative medicine and therapies.

  • Medical Device Procurement and Sales:

    Landfar provides procurement services for medical devices, sourcing the latest and most effective tools for healthcare professionals. Alongside procurement, the company also boasts a robust sales network, distributing these devices to medical institutions and professionals, thereby contributing to improved healthcare services.

  • External Energy Management and Contract Energy Management Business:

    In its stride towards sustainability, the company offers energy management services aiming to help businesses reduce their energy consumption and environmental impact. These services are tailored to meet the energy efficiency objectives of their clients through comprehensive management contracts.

  • Build-Transfer Projects and Sales of Related Products:

    This service entails the development and transfer of energy-saving projects, where Landfar undertakes the construction of energy-efficient systems, subsequently transferring them to the client’s management upon completion. Sales of related products further support clients in maintaining these systems.

  • Sewage Treatment Business:

    Addressing environmental protection, the company also engages in sewage treatment operations. By utilizing advanced treatment technologies, Landfar Bio-medicine contributes to the reduction of water pollution, promoting environmental sustainability and public health.

Contact Information

Address: Lugu Science and Technology, Changsha, China, 410205
Phone: 86 73 1858 10285