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Livzon Pharmaceutical Group Inc. Profile

Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic Industry
Healthcare Sector
Mr. Yanggang Tang CEO
XSHE Exchange
CNE0000002Y8 ISIN
CN Country
8,933 Employees
- Last Dividend
3 Jul 2019 Last Split
16 Sep 1993 IPO Date


Livzon Pharmaceutical Group Inc., established in 1985 and headquartered in Zhuhai, China, stands as a prominent entity in the pharmaceutical industry within the People's Republic of China. The company has carved a niche for itself by dedicating efforts towards the research, development, production, exportation, and sales of a comprehensive range of pharmaceutical products, active pharmaceutical ingredients, and intermediates. With a strong emphasis on quality and innovation, Livzon Pharmaceutical Group has expanded its product line to cater to a variety of medical conditions, showcasing its commitment to improving health outcomes and contributing to the advancement of the medical field. The company's dedication to excellence is further evidenced by its robust product portfolio, addressing a myriad of health issues from chronic diseases to acute infections, and its continuous efforts to explore new medical solutions.

Products and Services

  • Ilaprazole Enteric Coated Tablets: Designed to treat duodenal ulcers and reflux esophagitis, these tablets are a testament to Livzon’s dedication to addressing gastrointestinal disorders with advanced therapeutic solutions.
  • Laprazole Sodium for Injection: This medication is aimed at treating peptic ulcer hemorrhage, showcasing the company’s commitment to providing critical care solutions in gastroenterology.
  • Leuprorelin Acetate Microspheres for Injection: Used for the treatment of various conditions including endometriosis, hysteromyoma, premenopausal breast and prostate cancer, and central precocious puberty, reflecting Livzon’s engagement in oncology and reproductive health.
  • Urofollitropin for Injection: Addressing fertility challenges, this treatment is for anovulation, demonstrating Livzon’s contributions to reproductive medicine.
  • Perospirone Hydrochloride Tablets: Focused on mental health, these tablets are used for treating schizophrenia, emphasizing the company’s role in neuropsychiatric care.
  • Shenqi Fuzheng Injection: A traditional medicine product targeting weakness and various symptoms, with applications in cancer supportive care, especially for lung and stomach cancers.
  • Anti-viral Granules: Demonstrating Livzon’s dedication to infectious diseases, this product is used for symptoms like heat, dampness, and detoxification in conditions such as upper respiratory infections and influenza.
  • Tocilizumab Injection: Aimed at rheumatoid arthritis treatment, it underscores Livzon's commitment to immunological disorders and chronic disease management.
  • Recombinant SARS-CoV-2 Fusion Protein Vaccine: Highlighting the company’s rapid response to global health emergencies, this vaccine facilitates prevention against diseases caused by SARS-CoV-2 infection.
  • Diagnostic Reagents: Including rapid tests for 2019-nCoV antigen, antinuclear antibody test kits, nucleic acid test kits for HIV type 1, interferon-gamma release assays test kits, diagnostic kits for IgM/IgG antibody to coronavirus, and rapid tests for mycoplasma pneumoniae IgM antibody, Livzon provides a wide range of diagnostic services to facilitate early detection and management of diseases.

Contact Information

Address: Headquarters Building, Zhuhai, China, 519090
Phone: 86 75 6813 5888