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Jiangsu Sihuan Bioengineering Co., Ltd Profile

Biotechnology Industry
Healthcare Sector
Mr. Yu Guo CEO
XSHE Exchange
CNE0000001P8 ISIN
CN Country
282 Employees
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26 Aug 2003 Last Split
26 Apr 1993 IPO Date


Jiangsu Sihuan Bioengineering Co., Ltd., rooted in the heart of Jiangyin, China, has been a pivotal player in the pharmaceutical industry since its inception in 1992. The company has dedicated itself to the research, development, and manufacturing of innovative pharmaceutical products, primarily focusing on the battle against cancer. Jiangsu Sihuan Bioengineering Co., Ltd. has made significant strides in biotechnology, aiming to improve patient outcomes and quality of life with its groundbreaking work in anti-tumor biotherapeutics. Moreover, the company has diversified its operations by venturing into the agriculture sector, specifically in the cultivation and sale of flowers and seedlings, alongside undertaking landscaping projects. This multifaceted approach underlines its commitment to enhancing well-being, not only through medical advancements but also by contributing to environmental beauty.

Products and Services

  • Delusen

    An anti-tumor biotherapeutic drug, Delusen is at the forefront of Jiangsu Sihuan Bioengineering Co., Ltd.'s product lineup. It is particularly developed for the treatment of critical conditions such as kidney cancer, malignant melanoma, and tumors found in the chest and abdominal areas. The introduction of Delusen has marked a significant milestone in the company's quest to provide effective treatment solutions for cancer patients.

  • Xinde Lusheng

    The specifics of this product are not extensively detailed in available literature. However, given the company's focused effort on bioengineering and pharmaceuticals, Xinde Lusheng is likely another innovative solution aimed at addressing particular health concerns, following the company's ethos of contributing to better health outcomes.

  • Xin Lisheng

    Similar to Xinde Lusheng, detailed information on Xin Lisheng is limited. It implies that Xin Lisheng is potentially another significant segment of the company's pharmaceutical portfolio, designed to meet the healthcare needs of patients through biotechnological advancements.

  • Ring BO

    Though specifics about Ring BO are not extensively described in the public domain, it is implicated to be part of the company's innovative product range. The nature of this product could be aligned with Jiangsu Sihuan's pharmaceutical or bioengineering efforts, reflecting the company's ongoing commitment to healthcare and medical research.

  • Flowers and Seedlings Cultivation and Sales

    Beyond its core pharmaceutical endeavors, Jiangsu Sihuan Bioengineering Co., Ltd. expands its expertise into the agriculture sector. The company engages in the breeding, cultivation, and sale of an array of flowers and seedlings. This diversification underscores its commitment to environmental sustainability and beautification through green projects.

  • Landscaping Projects

    A natural extension of its agricultural operations, Jiangsu Sihuan takes on landscaping projects, leveraging its knowledge in plant cultivation. These projects aim at enhancing environmental aesthetics and contributing to ecological well-being, demonstrating the company's broader commitment to societal health and the environment.

Contact Information

Address: No. 6 Zhongfang, Jiangyin, China, 214426
Phone: 86 510 8640 8558