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Guangdong Guanghong Holdings Co., Ltd. Profile

Farm Products Industry
Consumer Defensive Sector
Mr. Anmin Miao CEO
XSHE Exchange
CNE0000002B6 ISIN
CN Country
824 Employees
- Last Dividend
20 Jan 2009 Last Split
20 Oct 1993 IPO Date


Founded in 1985, Guangdong Guanghong Holdings Co., Ltd. has established itself as a formidable player in China's frozen food industry, specializing in the storage and supply of frozen food products. Headquartered in Guangzhou, China, the company has diversified its operations to encompass a broad spectrum of activities beyond its core business. This includes engaging in livestock and poultry breeding, particularly focusing on pigs and chickens, within the agriculture and animal husbandry sector. A notable aspect of its diversified operations includes offering refrigerated storage and shop leasing services, which cater to a wide range of clients in need of cold storage solutions and commercial space. Moreover, Guangdong Guanghong Holdings has expanded into the trade of frozen meat products, signifying its capacity to manage a comprehensive supply chain from farm to table. Adding another dimension to its portfolio, the company is involved in the publication and distribution of educational materials, including primary and secondary school textbooks, childhood education textbooks, and teaching aids, marking its foray into the educational sector. This multifaceted approach to business underlines Guangdong Guanghong Holdings’ strategy to leverage its capabilities across different sectors to sustain growth and operational excellence.

Products and Services

  • Frozen Food Storage and Supply

    As its core business, Guangdong Guanghong Holdings specializes in providing comprehensive frozen food storage and supply services. This includes a state-of-the-art logistics network to ensure the efficient transportation and storage of frozen products, maintaining their quality and freshness for the end consumers.

  • Livestock and Poultry Breeding

    The company ventures into the agriculture and animal husbandry sector with its livestock and poultry breeding business. Focusing on pigs and chickens, it employs modern breeding techniques to produce high-quality meat products, contributing to the company's vertical integration strategy by supplying raw materials for its frozen food division.

  • Refrigerated Storage and Shop Leasing Services

    Guangdong Guanghong Holdings offers specialized refrigerated storage units for businesses requiring cold storage solutions. Additionally, it provides shop leasing services, offering commercial spaces which are strategically located and designed to cater to a wide array of business needs.

  • Frozen Meat Product Trading

    The trading of frozen meat products allows the company to expand its market reach by engaging in domestic and potentially international trade. This operation complements its core business by providing an outlet for its internally produced meat and poultry products.

  • Educational Publishing

    In a notable diversification, the company publishes and distributes educational materials, including textbooks for primary and secondary schools, as well as various teaching aids. This initiative underscores Guangdong Guanghong Holdings’ commitment to contributing to the educational sector by providing high-quality learning materials.

Contact Information

Address: South Tower, Guangzhou, China, 510030
Phone: 86 20 8360 3985