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SINOPEC Shandong Taishan Pectroleum Co.,Ltd. Profile

Oil & Gas Refining & Marketing Industry
Energy Sector
Mr. Yong Sun CEO
XSHE Exchange
CNE000000669 ISIN
CN Country
1,125 Employees
- Last Dividend
19 Mar 2007 Last Split
8 Dec 1992 IPO Date


SINOPEC Shandong Taishan Petroleum Co., Ltd., founded in 1953 and headquartered in Taian City, China, operates in the energy sector with a primary focus on the wholesale and retail of refined oil products. The company plays a significant role in China's energy supply chain, providing vital fuel and energy solutions to meet the growing demand in the region. SINOPEC Shandong Taishan Petroleum has evolved over the years to adapt to the changing energy market dynamics, expanding its product range and services to include a wide spectrum of energy solutions and related offerings. The company's commitment to energy technology research and development underscores its dedication to innovation and sustainability in the energy sector. Through its vast network of gas stations, the company offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to add value and convenience for its customers, reflecting its customer-centric approach.

Products and Services

  • Gasoline: High-quality gasoline products suitable for a variety of vehicles, ensuring efficient combustion and reduced emissions.
  • Diesel Oil: Premium diesel oil offerings, optimized for high performance and lower environmental impact across various engine types.
  • Natural Gas: Clean-burning natural gas, provided for both household and industrial use, aimed at reducing carbon footprints and supporting sustainable energy consumption.
  • Natural Gas Filling for Vehicles: Reliable and convenient natural gas filling services for vehicles, promoting the use of alternative fuels and supporting the transition to greener transportation solutions.
  • Convenience Store Car Wash Services: Efficient car wash services available at numerous gas stations, providing customers with convenience and time-saving solutions.
  • Property Management: Comprehensive property management services, including housing and land use right leasing, tailored to meet the needs of diverse clients.
  • Advertising Release and Production: Innovative advertising solutions, both in production and release, leveraging the company's extensive network to offer valuable marketing opportunities.
  • Emerging Services at Gas Stations: A range of emerging services available at gas stations, designed to enhance customer experience and provide added convenience.
  • Energy Technology Research and Development: Ongoing commitment to R&D in energy technology, driving innovation in the energy sector and contributing to sustainable energy solutions.
  • Charging Pile Sales: Supply of electric vehicle (EV) charging piles, supporting the growth of electric mobility and addressing the needs of EV owners.
  • Business Training: Offering business training services, aimed at improving operational excellence and promoting best practices in the fuel retail sector.
  • Commodity Circulation Business: Engaging in the commodity circulation business to ensure a steady supply of goods and services, contributing to the company's diversified offerings.

Contact Information

Address: No. 369, Dongyue Street, Taian City, China, 271000
Phone: 86 53 8626 9600
Website: -