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5i5j Holding Group Co., Ltd. Profile

Real Estate Services Industry
Real Estate Sector
Mr. Yong Xie CEO
XSHE Exchange
CNE000000636 ISIN
CN Country
33,370 Employees
- Last Dividend
27 Jun 2018 Last Split
3 Dec 1993 IPO Date


5i5j Holding Group Co., Ltd., formerly known as Kunming Sinobright (Group) Co., Ltd., is a premier real estate brokerage firm, both within China and internationally. Founded in 1959 and rebranded in April 2018, the company has established its headquarters in Beijing, China. 5i5j Holding Group Co., Ltd. is renowned for its comprehensive services in the real estate sector, including real estate brokerage, housing asset management, and commercial asset management. The firm has also earned a reputation for its innovative approach to digital smart products, facilitating modernized interactions in real estate transactions.

Products and Services

  • Real Estate Brokerage Services
  • 5i5j Holding Group provides a full suite of brokerage services spanning across buying, selling, and leasing of residential properties. The company has a specialization in second-hand housing brokerage, utilizing advanced tools and platforms to streamline transactions.

  • Housing Asset Management
  • Under the Xiangyu brand, the company offers comprehensive housing asset management services. This includes the management and administration of various housing assets, ensuring their value is maintained and enhanced over time.

  • Commercial Asset Management
  • Alongside residential services, 5i5j extends its expertise into commercial asset management, thereby catering to a broader spectrum of real estate needs. The firm provides strategies and solutions designed to maximize the value and profitability of commercial properties.

  • Post-House Derivative Services
  • Expanding its portfolio, the company also provides a range of post-house derivative services. This entails a variety of additional services beyond traditional real estate transactions, aimed at further supporting clients post-sale.

  • Digital Smart Products
  • Embracing technological advancements, 5i5j has developed an array of digital smart products to modernize real estate transactions. Highlights include:

    • Online Real Estate Dictionary - A comprehensive resource for real estate terminology.
    • VR Viewing - An immersive virtual reality experience for property viewing.
    • Smart Recommendation - Advanced algorithms to suggest properties based on user preferences.
    • IM Tools - Instant messaging tools for seamless communication between clients and brokers.
    • Broker Operation Platform - A robust platform designed for the operations and management of brokerage activities.
    • Online Signing - Digital contracts and signatures for streamlined transactions.
    • Smart Customer Service - AI-driven customer service for timely and effective assistance.

Contact Information

Address: Building 8, Yard 36 Chuangyuan Road, Beijing, China, 100012
Phone: 86 10 5391 7968