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Utilities - Diversified Industry
Utilities Sector
Mr. Andres Ricardo Gluski Weilert CEO
NYSE Exchange
US00130H1059 ISIN
United States Country
9,600 Employees
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25 Jun 1991 IPO Date


The AES Corporation operates as a diverse power generation and utility company both within the United States and internationally. Engaging in the generation, distribution, transmission, and sale of electricity, AES caters to a wide range of customers, including utilities, industrial users, and end-users across residential, commercial, industrial, and governmental sectors. Initially established as Applied Energy Services, Inc., the company transitioned to its current name, The AES Corporation, in April 2000. With its foundation laid in 1981, AES has its headquarters located in Arlington, Virginia. The company prides itself on owning and/or operating a substantial portfolio of power generation plants, utilizing a variety of fuels and technologies. AES's commitment to energy diversity is evident in its broad spectrum of electricity generation methods, which encompass traditional fuels like coal and gas, renewable sources such as hydro, wind, solar, and biomass, and innovative technologies including energy storage and landfill gas.

Products and Services

  • Power Generation:
  • AES owns and/or operates power generation plants across a spectrum of energy sources. By leveraging coal, gas, hydro, wind, solar, and biomass, the company effectively generates and sells power to a variety of customers. This portfolio enables AES to produce approximately 34,596 megawatts of electricity, catering to the energy demands of utilities, industrial users, and other intermediaries on a significant scale.

  • Utilities:
  • The company also owns and/or operates utilities that are dedicated to the generation, purchase, distribution, and transmission of electricity. AES not only ensures the provision of electricity to end-user customers within the residential, commercial, industrial, and governmental sectors but also focuses on reliability and efficiency in service delivery, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction and meeting diverse energy needs.

  • Wholesale Electricity Sales:
  • AES engages in the generation and sale of electricity on the wholesale market. This aspect of its business allows AES to contribute to the broader energy market by providing additional power resources, thus playing a crucial role in sustaining market balance and supporting the overall energy infrastructure.

  • Renewable Energy and Innovations:
  • Committed to sustainability and innovation, AES has embraced renewables and cutting-edge energy solutions, including energy storage and the utilization of landfill gas. These initiatives not only reflect AES's dedication to reducing the environmental impact of energy generation but also its efforts to stay at the forefront of technological advancements in the energy sector.

Contact Information

Address: 4300 Wilson Boulevard
Phone: 703 522 1315