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Computer Hardware Industry
Technology Sector
Ms. Jayshree V. Ullal CEO
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US0404131064 ISIN
US Country
4,023 Employees
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6 Jun 2014 IPO Date


Arista Networks, Inc. specializes in crafting advanced networking solutions that span from client to cloud, targeting data centers, campus environments, and routing scenarios across various geographical regions including the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Asia-Pacific. The company's approach integrates data-driven methodologies into its product development, aiming to address the evolving demands of data center infrastructure and cloud computing. Arista Networks’ commitment to innovation is evident in its comprehensive portfolio of networking solutions that cater to a diverse set of industries such as internet companies, service providers, government agencies, and more. Founded in 2004 and originally named Arastra, Inc., the company transitioned to its current identity in October 2008, solidifying its position in the market with its headquarters established in Santa Clara, California. Through a combination of direct sales and partnerships with distributors, system integrators, and resellers, Arista Networks ensures its cutting-edge solutions reach a broad audience, underpinning the digital transformation efforts of organizations worldwide.

Products and Services

Arista Networks, Inc. offers a broad spectrum of products and services designed to meet the networking needs of modern data centers, campuses, and wide area networks. Key offerings include:

  • Cloud Networking Solutions: At the heart of Arista’s offerings is the Extensible Operating System (EOS), a state-of-the-art network operating system that facilitates publish-subscribe state-sharing. This foundational technology supports a suite of network applications enhancing functionality and performance.
  • Data Center and Cloud Networking Systems: Arista provides a portfolio of networking systems tailored for data center environments, including AI-enabled ethernet switching platforms. These systems are engineered to support the high-performance requirements of data-intensive applications.
  • Campus Wired and Wireless Products: Addressing the connectivity needs of campus environments, Arista offers products that ensure robust, secure, and seamless wireless and wired network access for users and devices across campus locations.
  • Routing Systems: Arista’s routing solutions are designed for a variety of applications, including Core Routing, Edge Routing, and Data Center Interconnect (DCI). They also address Multi-cloud and Wide Area Networking (WAN) use cases, enabling efficient data transfer and connectivity across different network domains.
  • Value-Add Software Solutions: Enhancing its hardware offerings, Arista provides a suite of software solutions that utilize EOS for orchestration, automation, analytics, network monitoring, and security. These solutions deliver comprehensive network management capabilities, simplifying the operation of complex networks.
  • Post-Contract Customer Support Services: Beyond standard warranty offerings, Arista extends its customer support with technical assistance, hardware repairs, and replacements, as well as software updates including bug fixes, patches, and upgrades. This commitment to post-sale support ensures customers can maintain optimal network performance and security.

Contact Information

Address: 5453 Great America Parkway, Santa Clara, CA, United States, 95054
Phone: 408 547 5500