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Scientific & Technical Instruments Industry
Technology Sector
Dr. Adir Shiffman II, MBBS, Medicine CEO
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AU Country
430 Employees
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Catapult Group International Ltd is a cutting-edge sports data and analytics company that empowers sports teams and athletes with real-time, detailed data designed to maximize performance, prevent injuries, and facilitate quicker returns to play. Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Prahran, Australia, Catapult operates on a global scale, with operations spanning Australia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the Asia Pacific, and the Americas. The company’s business is structured around three main segments: Performance & Health, Tactics & Coaching, and Media & Other, demonstrating its comprehensive approach to sports performance optimization.

Products and Services

  • Performance and Health Technology Solutions

    These solutions encompass wearable tracking and analytics targeted at elite sports teams, leagues, and associations, as well as prosumer athletes. The focus is on offering insights that help in enhancing the performance and health of athletes through meticulous monitoring and analysis.

  • Tactical and Coaching Technology Solutions

    This range includes digital video and analytics tools tailored to the needs of elite sports teams, leagues, and associations. Aimed at improving strategies through advanced analysis, these products help coaches and managers make informed decisions to sharpen their teams' competitive edge.

  • Athlete Management Platform and Analytics

    Designed for elite sporting teams, leagues, and associations, this comprehensive platform offers a suite of analytics and management tools. It aims to streamline the process of managing athlete performance, ensuring that teams can track progress, identify potential issues, and make informed adjustments to training regimens.

  • Subscription Online Sport Learning Platform

    This educational resource provides subscribers with access to a wealth of sports-related learning content. By promoting continuous improvement and learning, it supports the development of both athletes and coaches in their respective fields.

  • Media Licensing, Athlete Management, and Professional Services

    In addition to its core product offerings, Catapult provides a range of services that include media licensing—allowing for the commercial use of its expansive sports data, comprehensive athlete management services, and a variety of professional services aimed at supporting the sports industry.

Contact Information

Address: 75 High Street, Prahran, VIC, Australia, 3181
Phone: 61 3 9095 8401