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Mapfre, S.A. Profile

Insurance - Diversified Industry
Financial Services Sector
Mr. Antonio Huertas Mejias CEO
XFRA Exchange
US5651001043 ISIN
DE Country
30,873 Employees
22 May 2024 Last Dividend
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Mapfre, S.A., originally known as Corporacion Mapfre before its name change in December 2006, has established itself as a global powerhouse in the realms of insurance, finance, investment, and various services. With its roots dating back to 1933, Mapfre has grown significantly from its early days and is now headquartered in Majadahonda, Spain. As a pivotal player in the industry, Mapfre, S.A. proudly operates under the umbrella of Cartera Mapfre, S.L., its parent company. The organization’s worldwide operations enable it to serve a diverse client base, including professionals, entrepreneurs, the self-employed, and small to large corporations across different sectors such as aviation, energy, industry, and construction. Mapfre’s commitment is to offer comprehensive and tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of its clientele globally.

Products and Services

  • Life and Non-Life Insurance:
  • Mapfre provides a broad range of insurance products that cater to both life and non-life categories. These offerings are designed to offer security and peace of mind to individuals and families alike.

  • Health and Accident Insurance:
  • Coverage options that protect clients against unexpected health issues and accidents, ensuring they are financially secure during difficult times.

  • Property and Casualty Protection:
  • This includes a variety of insurance policies such as automobile, homeowner insurance, personal third-party liability, and asset insurance. These are essential for protecting clients' valuable assets against unforeseeable damages or losses.

  • Savings and Investment Solutions:
  • Mapfre offers products that are designed to help clients secure their future by saving and investing wisely, ensuring a stable financial situation for retirement or any long-term goals.

  • Retirement, Burial, Travel, and Leisure Insurance:
  • These specialized insurance solutions cater to specific needs by providing coverage for retirement planning, burial expenses, travel mishaps, and leisure activities.

  • Agriculture and Livestock Insurance:
  • Mapfre also extends its insurance solutions to the agriculture and livestock sectors, offering tailored policies that safeguard against the unique risks faced by these industries.

  • Reinsurance Services:
  • These services are crucial for spreading risk in the insurance industry, allowing other insurance companies to protect themselves against significant claims and ensuring stability in the market.

  • Pension and Funeral Services:
  • Apart from its insurance products, Mapfre provides comprehensive pension and funeral services, addressing the needs of clients and their families with dignity and respect.

  • Theme Park Operations:
  • An unexpected facet of Mapfre’s operations is its involvement in the leisure industry through the operation of theme parks. This diversification showcases Mapfre’s broad approach to business and service offerings.

Contact Information

Address: Carretera de Pozuelo, 52, Majadahonda, Spain, 28222
Phone: 34 91 581 23 18