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18 Jul, 06:02
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Chemicals Industry
Basic Materials Sector
Ms. Lori J. Ryerkerk BS CEO
XFRA Exchange
US1508701034 ISIN
United States Country
12,400 Employees
13 May 2024 Last Dividend
- Last Split
21 Jan 2005 IPO Date


Celanese Corporation, established in 1918 and based in Irving, Texas, is a global leader in the chemical and specialty materials industry. The company is engaged in the manufacturing and selling of high performance engineered polymers both in the United States and internationally. With operations divided into two main segments, Engineered Materials and Acetyl Chain, Celanese Corporation specializes in delivering a wide range of chemical products and solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of various industries, including automotive, medical, industrial, consumer electronics, and more.

Products and Services

  • Engineered Materials

    This segment focuses on the development, production, and supply of specialty polymers that are used across several industries. Products include high performance plastics and polymers for automotive components, medical devices, industrial parts, and consumer electronics. These materials are crafted for durability, performance, and innovation, fulfilling specific requirements of each application they are used for.

  • Acetyl Chain

    Comprising the core of Celanese's chemical production, the acetyl products include acetic acid, vinyl acetate monomers, acetic anhydride, and acetate esters. These chemicals serve as foundational components for producing colorants, paints, adhesives, coatings, and pharmaceuticals. They also find applications as organic solvents and intermediates in the production of agricultural and chemical products.

  • Vinyl Acetate-based Emulsions

    Used primarily in paints and coatings, adhesives, construction materials, glass fiber, textiles, and paper industries, these emulsions contribute to the quality and performance of the end products. Their versatility makes them suitable for a broad range of applications, enhancing durability and function.

  • Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Resins and Compounds

    These materials are essential for producing a variety of products including flexible packaging films, lamination film products, hot melt adhesives, automotive parts, and carpeting. Offering exceptional flexibility and resilience, ethylene vinyl acetate resins and compounds cater to the stringent requirements of the packaging, automotive, and textile industries.

  • Redispersible Powders (RDP)

    RDP products are critical in the construction sector, finding utility in flooring, plasters, insulation, tiling, and waterproofing applications. Their primary role is to enhance the properties of construction materials, making them more durable, water-resistant, and easy to use.

Contact Information

Address: 222 West Las Colinas Boulevard
Phone: 972 443 4000