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Specialty Industrial Machinery Industry
Industrials Sector
Mr. Richard Joseph Tobin CEO
XHAN Exchange
US2600031080 ISIN
United States Country
25,000 Employees
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1 Jul 1985 IPO Date


Dover Corporation, established in 1947 and based in Downers Grove, Illinois, operates globally, providing a wide range of equipment, components, consumable supplies, aftermarket parts, software and digital solutions, and support services. The company’s operations span across multiple segments including Engineered Products, Clean Energy & Fueling, Imaging & Identification, Pumps & Process Solutions, and Climate & Sustainability Technologies. These segments cater to a diverse array of end-markets such as vehicle aftermarket, industrial automation, aerospace and defense, and many others, demonstrating Dover Corporation’s extensive reach and versatility in serving various industries with their specialized needs.

Products and Services

Dover Corporation’s extensive portfolio showcases their capacity to address a myriad of industrial needs through their distinct business segments:

  • Engineered Products: This segment delivers a vast array of equipment, components, and software solutions paralleled with comprehensive services. Products include manual and power clamps, rotary and linear mechanical indexers, conveyors, pick and place units, glove ports, manipulators, and end-of-arm robotic tools like grippers, slides, and end effectors. Additionally, they provide winches, hoists, bearings, drives, and electric monitoring systems, as well as advanced radio frequency and microwave filters and switches, and signal intelligence solutions.
  • Clean Energy & Fueling: Focused on the safe storage and transport of fuels, cryogenic gases, and hazardous fluids, this segment offers components, equipment, and software solutions. It also covers the operation of retail fueling stations and vehicle wash establishments, illustrating Dover Corporation’s commitment to supporting clean energy and efficient fueling infrastructure.
  • Imaging & Identification: Catering to a multitude of industries such as packaged and consumer goods, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing, this segment provides precision marking and coding, product traceability, brand protection, and digital textile printing equipment and solutions. This inclusion of consumables, software, and services underscores the company’s dedication to innovation in product identification and brand integrity.
  • Pumps & Process Solutions: This segment specializes in the manufacturing of specialty pumps, connectors, flow meters, fluid connection solutions, plastics, and polymer processing equipment. These engineered components are designed for rotating and reciprocating machines, serving various processing industries with critical fluid management solutions.
  • Climate & Sustainability Technologies: Addressing the needs for industrial heating and cooling as well as residential climate control, this segment manufactures refrigeration systems, display cases, commercial glass refrigerator and freezer doors, and brazed plate heat exchangers. Dover Corporation’s focus here reflects its commitment to sustainable technology solutions in combating climate change.

Contact Information

Address: 3005 Highland Parkway
Phone: 630 541 1540