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Agricultural Inputs Industry
Basic Materials Sector
Dr. Pierre R. Brondeau CEO
NYSE Exchange
US3024913036 ISIN
United States Country
6,200 Employees
18 Apr 2024 Last Dividend
4 Mar 2019 Last Split
1 Jul 1985 IPO Date


FMC Corporation stands as a notable entity in the agricultural sciences sector, focusing on crafting innovative solutions to protect crops and enhance plant health. This multifaceted company boasts an extensive portfolio of products and services tailored for both agricultural and non-agricultural needs, ranging from pest and turf management to crop protection. Its efforts are centered on increasing crop yield and quality through the management of insects, weeds, and diseases. Founded in 1883 with its headquarters in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, FMC Corporation has expanded its footprint globally, operating across North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. The company showcases its global reach and commitment to agriculture and pest control by utilizing a comprehensive marketing network made up of its own sales organization, alliance partners, independent distributors, and sales representatives.

Products and Services

FMC Corporation's robust product lineup and services are engineered to meet both the rigorous demands of modern agriculture and the specialized needs of non-agricultural pest control. The company's offerings can be categorized into the following:

  • Insecticides, Herbicides, and Fungicides: These crop protection chemicals are pivotal in safeguarding crops against a myriad of insects, weeds, and diseases. Through strategic application, these substances play a critical role in maintaining crop health and optimizing yield potential.
  • Biologicals: As part of its commitment to innovation and sustainability, FMC Corporation has embraced biologicals. These natural products or microbial inputs work alongside traditional chemicals to offer eco-friendly solutions for pest and disease management, contributing to the resilience and health of crops.
  • Crop Nutrition: Beyond protection, the company extends its portfolio to include crop nutrition products. These are designed to nourish plants, ensuring they receive the essential nutrients necessary for optimal growth and development, thereby enhancing overall crop quality and yield.
  • Seed Treatment Products: FMC Corporation acknowledges the importance of the seed's initial stages and provides advanced seed treatment solutions. These treatments protect seeds from pests and diseases from the outset, fostering strong and healthy growth right from germination.
  • Professional Pest and Turf Management Products: Expanding its reach beyond agriculture, the company also offers products for professional pest and turf management. These solutions cater to non-agricultural markets, including urban pest control and turf maintenance, ensuring healthy environments both indoors and outdoors.

Contact Information

Address: FMC Tower
Phone: 215 299 6000