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Health Information Services Industry
Healthcare Sector
Mr. Peter J. Arduini CEO
NASDAQ (NGS) Exchange
US36266G1076 ISIN
US Country
51,000 Employees
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4 Jan 2023 IPO Date


GE HealthCare Technologies Inc. is a globally recognized company deeply engaged in the healthcare sector, providing a wide range of products, services, and digital solutions aimed at improving patient care. With operations spread across the United States, Canada, and other international markets, the company commits itself to the development, manufacture, and marketing of innovative medical technologies. The organizational structure of GE HealthCare Technologies Inc. is divided into four primary segments: Imaging, Ultrasound, Patient Care Solutions, and Pharmaceutical Diagnostics, each dedicated to addressing specific medical needs and advancing the field of medical diagnostics and patient care. Having evolved from GE Healthcare Holding LLC in December 2022, the company is now based in Chicago, Illinois, and continues to leverage its broad portfolio to facilitate the diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring of patients worldwide.

Products and Services

  • Imaging

    This segment provides a comprehensive range of imaging technologies such as molecular imaging, computed tomography (CT) scanning, magnetic resonance (MR) imaging, image-guided therapy, X-ray systems, and women's health products. These advanced imaging solutions play a crucial role in diagnosing and managing various health conditions, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of medical treatments.

  • Ultrasound

    GE HealthCare Technologies Inc. offers a wide array of ultrasound devices and solutions designed for screening, diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring of diseases in numerous clinical areas. This includes radiology, primary care, women's health, cardiovascular, along with point of care and handheld ultrasound devices, and products for surgical visualization and guidance. Ultrasound technology facilitates non-invasive diagnostics and therapeutic procedures, making it an essential tool in modern healthcare.

  • Patient Care Solutions

    The company's offerings under this segment encompass a variety of medical devices, consumables, services, and digital solutions aimed at improving patient outcomes. The portfolio includes patient monitoring solutions, anesthesia delivery and respiratory care products, electrocardiogram solutions, and maternal infant care products, alongside a range of consumables and services. These solutions are integral to providing comprehensive care in various medical settings, from emergency rooms to intensive care units and beyond.

  • Pharmaceutical Diagnostics

    Specializing in diagnostic agents for radiology and nuclear medicine, this segment supplies essential products for CT, angiography and X-ray, MR, single-photon emission computed tomography, positron emission tomography, and ultrasound imaging. The products include contrast media pharmaceuticals that improve the visibility of tissues during diagnostic scans and molecular imaging agents or radiopharmaceuticals labeled with radioisotopes for detailed imaging studies. These diagnostic agents are pivotal in detecting and monitoring a wide range of diseases, aiding clinicians in formulating effective treatment plans.

Contact Information

Address: 500 West Monroe Street, Chicago, IL, United States, 60661
Phone: 833 735 1139