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Martin Marietta Materials Inc Profile

Building Materials Industry
Basic Materials Sector
Mr. C. Howard Nye CEO
NYSE Exchange
US5732841060 ISIN
US Country
9,400 Employees
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16 Feb 1994 IPO Date


Martin Marietta Materials, Inc. is a pioneering company rooted in the natural resource industry, specializing in the provision of crucial building materials. Established in 1939 and headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, the company extends its services across the United States and internationally. It plays a pivotal role in the construction sector by offering an extensive range of aggregates and heavy-side building materials. These materials are fundamental for a wide array of construction markets including infrastructure projects, nonresidential and residential construction, and extend further into specific industries such as railroad, agricultural, utility, and environmental sectors. Martin Marietta's legacy and sustained commitment to quality underline its status as a cornerstone in the building materials industry.

Products and Services

  • Crushed Stone, Sand, and Gravel Products

    These basic building blocks provided by Martin Marietta are essential for numerous construction and landscaping projects. Their versatility makes them fundamental for infrastructure development, residential and commercial construction, providing the necessary foundation and structural support.

  • Ready Mixed Concrete and Asphalt

    Martin Marietta produces ready mixed concrete and asphalt, essential materials for constructing durable roads, highways, and other structures that require high-quality surfaces and strength to withstand the elements and heavy use over time. These products are tailored for paving and construction initiatives.

  • Paving Products and Services

    The company's paving solutions encompass a wide range of products and services designed to meet the demands of both public and private sector paving projects. This includes the construction and maintenance of roads, pavements, and other infrastructure necessary for transportation and accessibility.

  • Portland and Specialty Cement

    Portland and specialty cements are key ingredients in concrete and masonry projects. Martin Marietta supplies these materials for use in a variety of construction settings, from large-scale infrastructure projects to smaller residential and nonresidential builds, catering to specific needs with a range of cement products.

  • Magnesia-Based Chemical Products and Dolomitic Lime

    These products are utilized in a diversity of industrial processes. Magnesia-based chemical products serve functions in flame retardants, wastewater treatment, and pulp and paper production. Dolomitic lime is primarily supplied to the steel industry for production purposes and soil stabilization, highlighting Martin Marietta's role in supporting foundational industries beyond construction.

  • Cement Treated Materials

    Martin Marietta produces materials treated with cement, which are used to create a more stable and durable base for constructing roadways and other infrastructure. This not only improves the longevity and resilience of projects but also enhances safety and performance.

Contact Information

Address: 4123 Parklake Avenue, Raleigh, NC, United States, 27612
Phone: 919 781 4550