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NextEra Energy, Inc. is a prominent player in the North American electric power sector, delivering a broad range of energy services. Having evolved from its original identity as FPL Group, Inc., the company underwent a rebranding to NextEra Energy, Inc. in 2010. With its foundations laid in 1925, the company has developed a robust infrastructure for producing, transmitting, and distributing electric power, addressing the energy needs of retail and wholesale customers. NextEra Energy, Inc. stands out for its commitment to clean energy, prominently featuring renewable energy sources like wind, solar, and nuclear power alongside natural gas. It boasts an impressive operational scale, with approximately 33,276 megawatts of net generating capacity, around 90,000 circuit miles of transmission and distribution lines, and 883 substations. This extensive network enables NextEra Energy, Inc. to serve around 12 million people through about 5.9 million customer accounts, particularly in the eastern and lower western coasts of Florida. The company is headquartered in Juno Beach, Florida, embodying a long-standing tradition of innovation and customer service in the energy sector.

Products and Services

  • Electric Power Generation:
  • NextEra Energy specializes in generating electricity through a variety of clean and renewable sources. This includes wind, solar, and nuclear energy, as well as natural gas. This diverse energy mix enables the company to offer environmentally friendly power options to its customers while maintaining a strong commitment to sustainability.

  • Transmission and Distribution:
  • The company's operations encompass the transmission, distribution, and sale of electric power to both retail and wholesale customers. With approximately 90,000 circuit miles of transmission and distribution lines and 883 substations, NextEra Energy ensures a reliable supply of electricity across its service areas.

  • Clean Energy Solutions:
  • NextEra Energy is at the forefront of developing, constructing, and operating assets that provide clean energy solutions. These include renewable generation facilities, battery storage projects, and electric transmission facilities. By focusing on long-term contracted assets, the company plays a pivotal role in advancing the transition towards a sustainable energy future.

  • Energy Commodities Sales:
  • In addition to generating and distributing electric power, NextEra Energy engages in the sale of energy commodities. This aspect of its business model allows the company to maximize the value of its diverse energy portfolio, catering to a broad spectrum of customer needs in the energy market.

  • Electric Generation Facilities Operation:
  • NextEra Energy owns, develops, constructs, manages, and operates electric generation facilities in wholesale energy markets. This comprehensive involvement in the energy generation process exemplifies the company's integrated approach to meeting the demands of today's energy consumers.

Contact Information

Address: 700 Universe Boulevard
Phone: 561 694 4000