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Oil & Gas Midstream Industry
Energy Sector
Mr. Pierce H. Norton II CEO
NYSE Exchange
US6826801036 ISIN
US Country
4,775 Employees
- Last Dividend
12 Jun 2001 Last Split
1 Jul 1985 IPO Date


ONEOK, Inc., founded in 1906 and based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, stands as a significant player in the United States' energy sector, focusing on the gathering, processing, fractionation, storage, transportation, and marketing of natural gas and natural gas liquids (NGL). The company operates through a diverse portfolio of assets, including natural gas gathering pipelines, processing plants, and NGL distribution pipelines across multiple states such as Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, New Mexico, Montana, North Dakota, Wyoming, and Colorado. ONEOK's operations span across four primary segments: Natural Gas Gathering and Processing, Natural Gas Liquids, Natural Gas Pipelines, and Refined Products and Crude. Through its extensive network and varied services, ONEOK caters to a broad spectrum of clients, ranging from exploration and production companies to utilities and industrial customers, showcasing its integral role in the midstream sector of the energy industry.

Products and Services

  • Natural Gas Gathering and Processing:
  • ONEOK operates a vast network of natural gas gathering pipelines and processing plants primarily in the Mid-Continent and Rocky Mountain regions. This infrastructure supports the cleaning, treating, and processing of raw natural gas to remove impurities and separate NGLs, making it suitable for commercial use and further fractionation.

  • Natural Gas Liquids (NGL):
  • The company's involvement in NGLs encompasses gathering, fractionation, storage, and distribution of NGL products. ONEOK owns extensive NGL infrastructure, including pipelines and fractionation facilities that allow for the separation of NGLs into their constituent products such as ethane, propane, butanes, and natural gasoline. These products are crucial for various applications in the petrochemical and heating industries.

  • Natural Gas Pipelines:
  • ONEOK's pipeline network includes regulated interstate and intrastate natural gas transmission pipelines. These pipelines play a crucial role in the efficient and safe transport of natural gas from production sites to end-users, including residential, commercial, and industrial customers, ensuring a reliable supply of energy.

  • Refined Products and Crude:
  • This segment of ONEOK's operations focuses on the transportation, storage, and distribution of refined petroleum products like unleaded gasoline and diesel, as well as crude oil. The company manages assets such as terminals and storage facilities, along with truck- and rail-loading and -unloading facilities, which are vital for the movement of energy resources across different regions.

  • Miscellaneous Services:
  • Besides its core operations, ONEOK engages in various additional services that complement its main business lines. These include owning and operating a parking garage in downtown Tulsa, leasing office space, and engaging in commodity-related activities such as liquids blending and marketing. This diversified approach allows ONEOK to leverage its infrastructure and expertise across different areas, providing added value to its stakeholders.

Contact Information

Address: 100 West Fifth Street, Tulsa, OK, United States, 74103
Phone: 918 588 7000