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21 Jun, 20:00
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Utilities - Regulated Electric Industry
Utilities Sector
Ms. Patricia Kessler Poppe CEO
NYSE Exchange
US69331C1080 ISIN
US Country
28,010 Employees
28 Jun 2024 Last Dividend
- Last Split
1 Jun 1972 IPO Date


PG&E Corporation is a prominent energy entity operating primarily through its subsidiary, Pacific Gas and Electric Company, which delivers electricity and natural gas to a wide customer base in northern and central California. With a rich history dating back to 1905 and headquartered in Oakland, California, the company is deeply integrated into the region's energy infrastructure. PG&E not only focuses on the sale and delivery of these essential utilities but also on the generation of electricity through a diverse mix of sources. Serving a broad spectrum of customers from residential to industrial sectors, PG&E stands as a critical player in California's energy landscape.

Products and Services

  • Electricity Generation
  • PG&E boasts a versatile approach to generating electricity, utilizing multiple sources that include nuclear, hydroelectric, fossil fuel-fired, fuel cell, and photovoltaic technologies. This diverse energy mix enables PG&E to cater to the varying demand patterns across its service areas while focusing on sustainability and reliability.

  • Transmission and Distribution
  • The company owns and operates a comprehensive network of electric and natural gas transmission and distribution infrastructure. This includes interconnected transmission lines, electric transmission substations, distribution lines, transmission switching substations, and distribution substations for electricity. For natural gas, PG&E manages a system encompassing distribution pipelines, backbone and local transmission pipelines, and storage facilities. Such an extensive network ensures efficient and secure delivery of energy to homes, businesses, and industries.

  • Natural Gas Services
  • Aside from electricity, PG&E provides extensive natural gas services that cover the transmission, storage, and distribution of natural gas. Through its extensive pipeline infrastructure and storage capabilities, PG&E supports not only residential and commercial energy needs but also fuels natural gas-fired electric generation facilities, highlighting the interdependence of its electricity and natural gas operations.

Contact Information

Address: 300 Lakeside Drive, Oakland, CA, United States, 94612
Phone: 415 973 1000