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PPL Corp Profile

Utilities - Regulated Electric Industry
Utilities Sector
Mr. Vincent Sorgi CEO
NYSE Exchange
US69351T1060 ISIN
United States Country
6,629 Employees
- Last Dividend
25 Aug 2005 Last Split
8 Apr 1985 IPO Date


PPL Corporation is an established energy company that has been operational since 1920, with its headquarters in Allentown, Pennsylvania. The company is dedicated to supplying electricity and natural gas, servicing approximately 3.6 million customers across the United States. PPL Corporation's operations are divided into three main segments: Kentucky Regulated, Pennsylvania Regulated, and Rhode Island Regulated. This organizational structure allows the company to efficiently manage its services across different states, including Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Virginia, and Rhode Island, demonstrating its expansive reach and commitment to meeting the energy needs of a diverse customer base.

Products and Services

Electricity Delivery:

PPL Corporation delivers electricity to a vast number of customers in Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Virginia, and Rhode Island. This service encompasses the transmission and distribution of electricity to residential, commercial, and industrial customers, ensuring a reliable power supply essential for modern living and economic activities.

Natural Gas Delivery:

In addition to electricity, PPL Corporation provides natural gas distribution services to customers in Kentucky and Rhode Island. This involves the safe and efficient delivery of natural gas to homes and businesses, offering a vital energy source for heating, cooking, and other energy needs.

Electricity Generation:

The company owns and operates power plants in Kentucky, showcasing its capacity not only to distribute but also to generate electricity. This vertical integration allows PPL Corporation to ensure the stability of its electricity supply and contribute to the overall reliability and sustainability of the energy grid in the regions it serves.

Contact Information

Address: Two North Ninth Street
Phone: 610 774 5151