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18 Jun, 20:00
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Railroads Industry
Industrials Sector
Mr. Vincenzo James Vena CEO
NYSE Exchange
US9078181081 ISIN
United States Country
31,052 Employees
- Last Dividend
29 May 2008 Last Split
- IPO Date


Union Pacific Corporation, established in 1862 and headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, stands as a pivotal player in the United States' railroad sector through its primary subsidiary, Union Pacific Railroad Company. The corporation has carved a niche in the transportation industry, offering extensive railroad services across the U.S., facilitating the seamless movement of a wide array of commodities ranging from agricultural products to automotive and industrial goods. Union Pacific's extensive network and robust operations underscore its critical role in supporting various sectors, including agriculture, energy, construction, and automotive, thereby contributing significantly to the U.S. economy.

Products and Services

Grain and Agricultural Products: Union Pacific offers transportation for an extensive range of agricultural commodities such as grain, grain products, and fertilizers. These services cater to grain processors, animal feeders, and ethanol producers, supporting the agricultural sector's logistics needs from farm to market.

Food and Refrigerated Products: Vital for the food industry, Union Pacific ensures the delivery of perishable goods through its refrigerated transport services. This not only aids in maintaining the freshness and quality of food products but also supports the supply chain of food processors and retailers.

Coal and Renewables: Addressing the energy sector's demands, the company transports coal and renewable energy sources. This includes supporting the logistics for ethanol and biofuel producers, playing a vital role in the transition to more sustainable energy sources.

Construction Products: Union Pacific's railway services are integral for the construction industry, transporting materials such as industrial chemicals, plastics, and forest products. This facilitates the smooth flow of essential materials needed for construction projects across the U.S.

Specialized Products, Metals, and Ores: The company meets the specific logistics needs of industries dealing in metals, ores, and other specialized products. This includes the transport of liquids such as petroleum and liquid petroleum gases, crucial for the chemical and energy sectors.

Soda Ash and Sand: Essential for manufacturing and industrial processes, Union Pacific plays a key role in transporting soda ash and sand, catering to various industries including glass manufacturing and fracking operations.

Automotive and Merchandise Transport: Union Pacific facilitates the movement of finished automobiles, automotive parts, and a wide range of merchandise in intermodal containers. This service is crucial for the automotive industry and for retailers relying on the efficient distribution of goods.

Contact Information

Address: 1400 Douglas Street
Phone: 402 544 5000