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Xueda Profile

Education & Training Services Industry
Consumer Defensive Sector
Mr. Xin Jin CEO
XSHE Exchange
CNE0000005F0 ISIN
CN Country
6,318 Employees
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1 Mar 2006 Last Split
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Xueda (Xiamen) Education Technology Group Co., Ltd., originally known as Xiamen Unigroup Xue Co., Ltd until its name change in April 2021, plays a pivotal role in China's educational sector. Since its establishment in 1984, with headquarters in Beijing, China, the company has dedicated itself to providing a broad spectrum of education and training services. These services encompass secondary and higher vocational education, vocational training, industrial colleges, and practical training, among others. Xueda Education Technology Group distinguishes itself by not only focusing on traditional educational domains but also incorporating advanced technology and systems such as the PPTS business management system, BI business analysis, and an intelligent teaching service system into its offerings. Furthermore, the company expands its breadth of services to include trade, equipment leasing, technical services, and non-residential real estate leases, showcasing its versatile business model.

Products and Services

  • Secondary Vocational Education

    Specialized programs designed to equip students with the practical skills and knowledge required for specific trades or professions, preparing them for the workforce directly after secondary education.

  • Higher Vocational Education

    Advanced vocational training beyond secondary education focusing on developing specialized expertise and technical skills needed in various industries.

  • Vocational Training

    Short-term training courses aimed at enhancing specific job-related skills and competencies, catering to both individuals seeking to enter the workforce and professionals looking to upgrade their skills.

  • Industrial Colleges

    Institutions that combine practical training with academic learning, tailored for industries to directly meet the demands and skills gaps within specific sectors.

  • Practical Training

    Hands-on training sessions that simulate real-world scenarios, enabling students to gain practical experience and apply theoretical knowledge in a controlled environment.

  • Learning Ability Improvement

    Programs focused on enhancing students' overall learning capabilities, including techniques for effective studying, critical thinking, and problem-solving.

  • Academic Planning

    Services that assist students in designing a tailored educational pathway, including course selection and career guidance, to align with their personal goals and aspirations.

  • Comprehensive Quality Evaluation

    Evaluations aimed at assessing a wide range of competencies and skills, offering feedback for students to understand their strengths and areas for improvement.

  • Language Training

    Programs dedicated to teaching various languages, emphasizing speaking, writing, and comprehension skills, to prepare students for global communication and opportunities.

  • PPTS Business Management System

    An advanced system designed to streamline administrative and management processes within educational institutions, enhancing operational efficiency.

  • BI Business Analysis and other Systems

    Tools that leverage business intelligence to analyze data, helping educational institutions to make informed decisions and improve their service delivery.

  • Intelligent Teaching Service System

    A cutting-edge platform that utilizes artificial intelligence to enrich the learning experience, offering personalized lessons and adaptive learning paths for students.

Contact Information

Address: Zhizhen Building, Beijing, China, 100191
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