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Zhuhai Huajin Capital Co., Ltd. Profile

Asset Management Industry
Financial Services Sector
Mr. Hao Xie CEO
XSHE Exchange
CNE0000002C4 ISIN
CN Country
391 Employees
- Last Dividend
28 Sep 2006 Last Split
20 Oct 1993 IPO Date


Zhuhai Huajin Capital Co., Ltd., established in 1992 and headquartered in Zhuhai, China, operates on a global scale, focusing on a diverse range of business sectors. Initially known as Leaguer Stock Co., Ltd., the company underwent a significant rebranding in April 2017 to better reflect its expanded business scope. Today, it specializes in providing comprehensive financial and investment services, which include equity investment, asset management, and incubating innovative technological enterprises. Zhuhai Huajin Capital is dedicated to fostering entrepreneurial success, offering tailored management services that are designed to scale businesses from the ground up. Its investment strategy encompasses a wide array of industries, showing a particular interest in high-tech manufacturing and environmental sustainability. Beyond financial services, the company has made strides in manufacturing electronic components, such as various types of aluminum electrolytic capacitors and lithium-ion battery production equipment. In the environmental sector, Zhuhai Huajin Capital contributes to the development and operation of water purification plants, showcasing its commitment to eco-friendly business operations. The organization also ventures into property management, technology business incubation, park construction, and operation, highlighting its versatile business approach.

Products and Services

Zhuhai Huajin Capital Co., Ltd. is involved in several critical sectors, offering a broad spectrum of products and services to its clientele. The key areas of its business operations include:

  • Investment Management and Consulting: The company offers a menu of investment services tailored to the needs of investors and companies. This includes equity investment, private equity fund management, venture capital, and specialized consulting services aimed at driving growth and innovation.
  • Entrepreneurial Management Services: Zhuhai Huajin Capital supports entrepreneurial endeavors with comprehensive management services. These services are designed to assist startups and early-stage companies in navigating the complexities of business operations, encouraging innovation and sustainable growth.
  • Electronic Components Manufacturing: A significant part of its manufacturing portfolio includes the research, development, production, and sales of various liquid, chip, and solid aluminum electrolytic capacitors. This venture demonstrates the company's commitment to advancing electronic technologies.
  • Lithium-Ion Battery Production Equipment: Engaging in the production of equipment critical for manufacturing lithium-ion batteries, the company positions itself within the renewable energy sector, highlighting its dedication to sustainable energy solutions.
  • Water Purification Project Development: By undertaking the construction, operation, management, and consultancy of water purification plants, Zhuhai Huajin Capital emphasizes its focus on environmental protection and sustainability, offering solutions that contribute to cleaner water resources.
  • Technology Business Incubation and Technical Services: The firm provides vital support to budding technology enterprises through its incubation services. This includes offering technical services, property management, and the development of infrastructure necessary for the nurturing of innovative technology businesses.

Contact Information

Address: Hengqin International Financial Center, Zhuhai, China, 519080
Phone: 86 75 6361 2800